Visa Refusals and Cancellations Appeals

Any subsequent reason may lead to Australian Visa Refusals and Cancellations such as breach of visa conditions, while in Australia on employer sponsored visa-one faces job termination, end of relationship in case of partner visa and many more. Department of Home Affairs evaluates each visa application thoroughly, hence one must provide accurate and most correct information to avoid such instance. In case you provide any fake or incorrect information in your visa file the immigration authority cancels or refuse your visa on the grounds of false and misleading information.

How to deal with Visa refusals and cancellations?

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

In the situation of visa refusal or cancellation you may submit your case to Administrative Appeals Tribunal for review. AAT reviews administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws which the Australian Government ministers, the departments and agencies make, and, in limited conditions, the decisions which the state government and non-government bodies make decisions. However, there is some specific time limit for AAT appeals and it is not for all, meaning it can only review a certain decision if a regulation, an Act, or other legislative instruments state that it can be reviewed by AAT.

If your case is related to child support, compensation of Commonwealth worker, student and social security assistance, family assistance, and paid parental leave, refugees and migration visas, and decisions that are related to visas, entitlement of the veterans, taxation Then you may appeal.

Invitation to Comment

For denied application, that particular person can be sent an invitation to comment in immigration Australia. The applicant needs to know what he can and cannot take to Australia with him, having knowledge in duty-free concession restrictions and the experiences to take place while travelling at the Australian seaports and airports. This generally, happens when another person provides the department data and information that results in being visa refusal or cancellation

Ministerial Intervention

The Minister is not lawfully guaranteed to intervene or consider the intervention, however under the Migration Act 1958 Minister has the influence and control to intervene in the case of a person when the Minister thinks and believes it is of the best interest of the public to do so. You can request for ministerial intervention within the set time limit if you have received a decision by review tribunal, has been refused or deny a protection visa or; your protection visa has been cancelled.

How Immigration Lawyer Perth can help you?

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