Medical Treatment Visa

This is a temporary visa that allows people to travel to Australia for medical treatments or consultations. One can also accompany someone needing medical support and treatment holding this visa. With Medical Treatment Visa Perth you can also travel to Australia to donate an organ or accompany an organ donor or a person who needs your support in the country while they undergo the treatment. One who wish to get treatment related to surrogacy cannot opt for this visa. Other than this people who suffer from a medical condition that could be a possible threat to the Australian citizens or have been living in Australia on a domestic work stream are also not eligible for this visa.

This visa is available for both onshore and offshore applicants to stay in Australia till the treatment or consultation procedure completes.

Categories of Medical Treatment Visa:

Medical Treatment Visa Australia had three categories including Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 675 and Subclass 685 however these two streams are now not available for the new applicants and those willing to get treatment done in Australia can apply for the below mentioned visa stream:

Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602

Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602 is available for the people who want to travel to Australia for medical consultation or treatment. This visa is also obtainable if you are going to Australia under arrangements between the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and the Queensland Department of Health. Further those who have been refused a permanent visa on health grounds only and are of 50 or above years of age can also apply for this visa.

This visa also lets you study for up to three months besides medical treatment and
you can travel to Australia several times depending upon the circumstances till the visa is valid. To apply for this visa it is necessary that

  • You are at least 50 years or older
  • Meets health and character requirements
  • Provide an evidence of your funds to support yourself and anybody accompanying for treatment during your entire stay period
  • Show arrangements for your treatment
  • Do not hold any debts to Australian Government

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