What Will Be The Australian Temporary Work Visa Process Post Covid-19?

October 8, 2020    Immigrationlawyers
What Will Be The Australian Temporary Work Visa Process Post Covid-19?

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many overseas Australian visa holders have been affected a lot. Holders of different temporary visas haven’t remained an exception. These include the visa holders of student visa 500, the 482/457 visa and some other visa options. Today’s write-up will focus light on the effects Covid-19 had on these temporary visa options.

Uncertainties For 482 Visa Holders

The trade and skill shortage sectors of Australia fall under the category of medium and small sized businesses. Holders of the 482 visa would actively serve these sectors until the occurrence of Covid-19. As a result of this pandemic these Industries have been affected by like anything. Hotels, restaurants and manufacturing companies were compelled to decrease their service and production costs reasonably for this. Not only this, many of these organizations were compelled to go for a shutdown for an indefinite period.

How 482 Visa Holders Are Affected?

The critical situations stated above have affected the various 482 visa holders to a great extent. Many part-time and full-time casual workforces have already become jobless. Some of this unemployment is permanent while some are temporary. Besides, the Australian government also shelved the outbound travel which led to stringent offshore border closures. This has compelled myriads of temporary visa holders to get stuck in Australia.

Get Top-Notch Legal Assistance!

So, are you also one of the temporary visa holders of Australia? If your reply is yes, then contact a team of qualified Australian immigration lawyers as soon as possible. These lawyers will suggest you to apply for a compatible visa option. By doing so, you can stay in Australia lawfully even if your temporary visa has expired.

What The Australian Government Is Doing?

The Australian government has pacified its various temporary visa holders about the ongoing crisis. They have said that it’s not Australia which is facing the brunt of this crisis. Besides, it can be said that the entire world is facing Covid-19’s consequences. Around 120 countries all across the globe including Australia are facing this crisis. The Australian government has assured an effective solution to employees who aren’t serving the nation anymore.

Crucial Information About 482 Visa Holders

Many Australian employers are asking their employee to opt for the ‘leave without pay option’. This has resulted due to the temporary lockdown which these employers had to go for. You can be in LWOP for three months maximum and not more. You can rejoin your employer the moment everything gets normal. Conversely reduced work hours don’t apply to your 482/457 visa because of the following reasons.

  • An applicable Australian Training fund tax
  • Both the 457/482 visas have a specified wage criterion and
  • A revised work agreement applies to both these visas.

So, you must remain lawfully in Australia in case your 482/457 is about to expire. Then, you can apply for a bridging visa. Besides, it may happen that your existent employer has gone for a permanent shutdown. Then, you should look for a new employer within the next 60 days. Alternatively, you can also go back to your native country provided if your employer pays you the aircraft cost.

Procurement Of A Valid Visa

Holders of the 482/457 visa should apply for a new visa if their current visa is about to expire. Additionally, a ‘no further stay’ condition applies to many temporary visas. This facility functions according to the codes of 8535, 8534 and 8503. You can apply for a waiver to optimise these conditions. If so, then you must fill out form 1447 for requesting a waiver. This application should be made with the right documents to get your waiver approved successfully.

What About The Student Visa Holders?

Many student visa 500 holders are facing extreme difficulties in Australia due to Covid-19. In that case, they can apply for the post-study stream of the 485 graduate visa. Alternatively, they can also extend their existent student visa right after getting enrolled for their new course. To the best of suggestions, you must contact the DoHA regarding any of your visa issues. Before that hire a qualified visa lawyer in Perth and get the best legal assistance.

What To Expect From Your Visa Lawyer, Perth?

Australia adheres to certain codes of conduct and laws pertaining to their temporary visas. A team of accomplished visa lawyers in Perth are knowledgeable about these aspects quite well. All the more, the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled temporary visa holders to abide by such protocols more stringently than before. Depending on your pertinent circumstances, your lawyer will suggest you the best immigration solution accordingly. This will let you stay in Australia lawfully even your existing visa is about to expire.

Medical Assistance For Covid-19 Patients!

Apart from your visa issues, it may happen that you’re suddenly getting symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. In that case, you must contact the official help department of the Australian immigration department. Accordingly, you can get yourself tested to ensure that whether you’re Covid-19 positive or negative.

Some Useful Advice For Temporary Visa Holder!

No matter how critical the situation is, it will eradicate. That doesn’t imply that you will breach your relevant visa protocol to remain in Australia lawfully. Instead, you should extend your temporary visas through proper legal assistance. In Australia, there many immigration lawyers assisting clients all across the nation. Ironically, not all of them are equally potential and you should choose only the best service. In this context, immigration lawyers Perth can only provide you the finest assistance.

How Visa Lawyers Perth Can Assist You?

Whether you’re the 482 visa holder or student visa 500 holder, you must hire a visa lawyer Perth immediately. This will help you to stay in Australia lawfully despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Depending on your individual circumstances, your lawyer will suggest you the best visa option. Additionally, your lawyer will also give you useful tips and advices when your application is processed. Your lawyer will keep on assisting you until everything gets normal like before. So, appoint one of the Temporary Work Visa lawyers in Perth today.

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