What Things To Consider Before Applying For Employer-Sponsored Visa?

December 2, 2020    Immigrationlawyers
What Things To Consider Before Applying For Employer-Sponsored Visa?

Does an Australian employer wish to sponsor you? If that is the case then to apply for an employer sponsored visa must be your choice. An employer sponsored visa also allows eligible employers to sponsor international workers for their organizations. These visas have been designed for applicants willing to stay in Australia both permanently as well as temporarily. So, you must apply for an employer sponsored visa which suits your individual requirements in the best possible way. Here are some crucial factors worth considering before you apply for your employer sponsored visa.

Consider The Visa Types

This is the first and the most crucial thing to consider before you apply for your employer sponsored visa. Depending on the individual requirements of applicants there are different types of employer sponsored visas available. An introduction to each visa type can be considered below.

  • Temporary Skilled Shortage (Subclass 482): This visa allows you to stay and work in Australia temporarily. You can work on a full-time basis for your employer sponsor in your nominated occupation. You can live in Australia with this visa between a time-frame of one to four years whichever you’re eligible for.
  • Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408): With this visa eligible applicants can preside over certain tasks temporarily. Managing research activities or sports coaching are some of them.
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 494): The 494 visa subclass has substituted the 187 (RSMS) visa in the month of November, 2019. Every year, around 9,000 places remain available concerning this visa for eligible applicants. After living and working in Australia with this visa for some years, you can attain a permanent residency over there.
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (Subclass 187): Although this visa has been replaced by the 494 visa but applications lodged before this will be processed.
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186): This visa has three individual streams. These include the labour agreement stream, temporary residency transition stream and the direct entry stream. Both the direct entry and temporary residency transition stream paves the way for permanent residency for you and your family. Holders of the 482 or 457 visas can apply for the TRT stream only after complying with certain eligibility requirements.

So, do you find any of the visas stated above compatible according to your profile? If yes, then, you must apply for it in assistance of first-rate legal assistance. Contact employer sponsored Visa lawyers Perth to get the best services in this matter. After assessing your individual circumstances, your immigration lawyer will suggest you the best visa option to apply for.

Consider Your Eligibility

Before applying for an employer sponsored visa, you must ascertain that whether you are eligible for it or not. A checklist of eligibility requirements concerning each of the visas stated above is given below.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

  • You must qualify in the skills assessment test for your pertinent occupation
  • No age limit applies for this visa
  • You must qualify in IELTS or a similar English exam by securing the desired score and
  • You must have appropriate qualifications and skills relevant to your chosen occupation etc.

Remember, that the occupation you choose should be present in the relevant skilled occupation list of Australia for temporary skill shortage visa Subclass 482.

Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

  • You must comply with the additional criteria of your pertinent stream
  • You must be sponsored or supported imperatively and
  • You must possess the relevant skills to preside over the activity which you’ll take up in Australia.

The eligibility criteria for this visa might vary somewhat according to the stream you’ve applied for.

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 494)

  • You must be less than 45 years
  • Once you choose a particular occupation, make sure it is present in the RSOL or relevant skilled occupation list
  • You must have at least three years of work experience
  • Your place of work must be situated in a regional area of Australia
  • Your designation must exist at least for five years and not less
  • You must qualify in a skills assessment test with a positive outcome and
  • You should be proficient in the English language etc.

Remember, your salary should not be below $53,900 along with overtime extras and superannuation if you want to become eligible.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (Subclass 187)

Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme Subclass 187 visa is no longer valid and had earlier the same eligibility requirements just like the 494 visa.

Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)

  • You must be 45 years to qualify for this visa
  • You don’t need the 482 visa to apply for this visa
  • Your chosen occupation must be included in the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Your selected job role must last at least for two years and not less and
  • You must qualify in the IELTS test with a score of six in each band

So, applying for your preferred employer nomination scheme (Subclass 186) visa in line with its eligibility requirements is not an easy task. That’s why you must hire a reputed and experienced immigration lawyer to get the choicest assistance.

Consider Employer Sponsorship

You as well as your employer must comply with certain requirements to become eligible for employer sponsorship. These include the following:

  • Your English proficiency and your age
  • Your pertinent qualifications and/or professional experience
  • The salary offered, the nominated designation and the shortage occupation list

Aside, your employer will need a substantial Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) assent. Your employer must meet this criterion before your employer-sponsored visa gets approved.

Consider Your Unique Requirements

At the end of the day, it’s you who will apply for the employer sponsored visa. You will stay in Australia and you will work in Australia and no one else. So, before applying for your visa, consider your unique aspirations and desires while living and working in Australia. Accordingly, skim through each of the visa options with great care and attention. At last, finalize on the visa option which satiates your criteria in the finest possible manner.

Hire An Immigration Lawyer In Perth!

So, is it also your wish to apply for any of the employer sponsored visas mentioned above? If yes, then contact an immigration lawyer in Perth WA as soon as possible. After assessing your current immigration status, the best immigration solicitors in Perth will suggest you an appropriate visa option. After this, one of the top visa lawyers Perth will assist you to apply for your visa impeccably.

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