What Are The Most Common Problems Faced During A Partner Visa Application In Australia?

January 8, 2021    Immigrationlawyers
What Are The Most Common Problems Faced During A Partner Visa Application In Australia?

Partner visas offered by the Australian Immigration Department have helped many people greatly. They chiefly include persons who are partner of permanent residents of Australia, Australian citizens and citizens of New Zealand.

However, applicants of Partner Visa of Australia inadvertently make certain mistakes while applying for the same. So, these unprecedented errors cannot hinder you from residing in mesmerizing Australia with your partner. Get premium legal assistance from the best immigration lawyer if you’ve committed any of these partner visa application pitfalls.

Common Partner Visa Mistakes To Avoid!

So, you have decided to fly all the way to Australia with a substantial partner visa, right?

However, your visa application might get cancelled or refused if you make some unexpected mistakes. A comprehensive checklist of these mistakes and how to avoid them effectively can be considered below.

  • Applying For A Partner Visa Alone!

There are many aspects which will affect the final verdict of your partner visa application. Say for instance, knowing the criteria, gathering documents and giving substantial evidence etc. Understanding these aspects and complying with them accordingly is tricky.

That’s why you should not try to complete it alone and should seek the assistance of a professional migration agent. If you try to complete the visa application alone, then, you might end up in making an erroneous application. So, it’ always better to hire a migration agent to attain a faultless partner visa application.

  • Fallacy About Previous Visa’s Cancellation!

This is one such issue which quite a few applicants of the partner visa of Australia face. However, this is a sheer misconception and is not the case. It implies that your former visa still remains valid when you are applying for your partner visa. Your erstwhile visa will remain valid until it approaches its expiration date. So, the best option is to adhere to the existent conditions of your former visa.

  • Issuance Of A Bridging Visa!

Your existent visa will automatically expire if you are applying for your Partner Visa while being in Australia. Subsequently, the Immigration Department of Australia will issue you a Bridging Visa. With the help of this Bridging Visa, you can stay in Australia lawfully. To clarify all your doubts and queries, contact a top-notch Immigration lawyer in Perth, Australia.

  • Missing Out On Applying For The Sponsorship Component

The application of an Australian partner visa is lodged comprising of two separate parts. So, make sure that you apply for your sponsorship component unfailingly while applying for you partner visa. Failure to comply with this criterion will only lead to the abrupt cancellation or refusal of your visa.

Your application fee is worth counting on and it won’t be refunded if your visa gets cancelled or refused. The consequences can even culminate in deporting you from Australia or losing your rights to work.

How To Resolve This Problem?

So, how all to resolve the problem stated above?

Well, there is quite an effective solution to your problem. You simply need to get in touch with the top migration lawyer in Perth! Depending on your pertinent circumstances, in case of visa cancellation or refusal, your lawyer will legally help you impeccably.

Even if your work rights have been abolished or you’ve faced a deportation, then, your lawyer will resolve that effectively. If possible, you might be allowed to re-apply for a partner visa in the proper and expected way.

  • Ineligibility To Apply For A Partner Visa Due To The Absence Of A Lease Agreement: Fact Or Misconception?

Your relationship doesn’t have to adhere to a particular checklist. There are different types of couples who can live in Australia unhesitatingly. Say for instance, couples residing with their parents or flat mates etc. Other couples possess property while living with their partners in Australia.

All these circumstances prove that having a lease agreement is not imperative while you’re staying in Australia. At the end of the day, staying together with your partner in Australia matters the most. Make sure you show substantial proofs to prove your relationship to the Department of Home Affairs.

  • Fallacy About Registering The Relationship

This is another great mistake which applicants of the Australian partner visa make while applying for it. This approach oftentimes leads to the submission of a belated visa application to the Department of Home Affairs.

Surprisingly, you simply need to present proofs of your de facto or marital relationship which is more than enough. De facto couple basically refers to a couple who are into a live-in relationship while staying in Australia. The duo must have stayed in Australia at least for the last twelve months and not less.

  • When Should A De Facto Couple Register Their Relationship?

It might be the case that you are living in Australia as a de facto couple for less than twelve months. In that case, you must register your relationship by abiding the expected legal criteria.

Conversely, if you are residing in Australia for twelve months or more, then, you don’t have to register your de facto-relationship. The best part is you need not comply with any of these criteria while applying for your Australian partner visa.

  • Applying In Post-Haste!

In many cases, couples hurriedly apply for a partner visa in Australia. This approach is only taken up by couples who have entered into their relationship quite newly. However, there is nothing to get scared about an abrupt visa refusal or that your relationship is fake.

This hurried approach will no good and will only result in some unprecedented mistakes with your partner visa application. So, unlike applying in post-haste, why not executing each and every step of your visa application systematically?

Hire A Immigration Lawyer Perth!

At the end of the day, you are the best judge about which approach is the most suitable for you. To get the choicest legal assistance, hire a Migration lawyer Perth today! Depending on your unique circumstances, Partner Visa lawyers in Perth will help you to apply for your partner visa impeccably! Your Perth lawyer will do all this for you that also away from any of the mistakes stated above.

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