What Are The Major Requirements For A Medical Treatment Visa In Australia?

August 6, 2021    Immigrationlawyers
What Are The Major Requirements For A Medical Treatment Visa In Australia?

Subclass 602, the Medical Treatment Visa, is designed for aspirants wishing to visit Australia for medical consultation and treatment. With this visa, foreigners can come to the country to get the proper treatment or support someone else. It includes those categories of people wishing to donate an organ as well. A visa 602 is temporary, and people wanting to stay for more than a year should not opt for it.

Enthusiasts applying for a Subclass 602 from outside the country do not have to pay any fee. Additionally, it is free for people representing a foreign government. However, if anyone is applying within the country, they have to pay a fee of AUD320. Similar to this, several other criteria are there which you must fulfil without fail. They are:

Must Be In One Of The Situations

Aspirants applying for a Medical Treatment Visa must be in at least under one of the below conditions.

  • Have consultations or medical treatment in the country
  • Wish to donate an organ to their loved ones staying in Australia
  • Supporting an organ donor or a patient who is applying or already holds a visa
  • Will receive an organ from an individual travelling with you
  • Intends to visit Australia under the arrangements made between the Queensland Department of Health and the Western Province of Papua New Guinea
  • Is of age 50 and staying in Australia but have been refused an Australian permanent visa on health grounds. In addition, you are unfit to leave the country.

Must Not Hold This Visa

If you are in the country and applying from there, ensure not to hold a last substantive visa like Subclass 403 (Temporary Work: International Relations) as that was sanctioned in the Domestic Worker stream.

Must Not Have Any Medical Condition That Could Be A Threat

While applying for the Medical Treatment Visa, you should not have a medical condition that could be a threat to the country. In case you still apply for the visa, the form will get rejected.

Support Yourself

While deciding to stay in the country, you must have sufficient means to support yourself. If you want some more details on the number of finances required, the immigration lawyer Perth is there. Book an appointment with the experts and they will explain to you about the things.

Age Requirements

Applicants applying for the visa can be of any age as specified by the Australian Government.

Attaining Character And Health Requirements

While applying, you must attain the character and health requirements specified on the Immigration official site. There is a specific list of conditions that you must achieve without fail.

Clear Off Your Debts

The Australian Government strictly says that you must not owe any money. If you do so, make necessary provisions to clear them off or clear the cash.

Be A Genuine Visitor

The applicants must stay for a temporary period and do things that they are allowed to. An intention of residing for a temporary period does not apply to people in the following situations:

  • Aged above 50 years
  • Presently staying in the country
  • Unfit to depart
  • Refused permanent visa because of not attaining the health specifications.

No Cancellation Of Refusal Of Visa

The visa application must not have been cancelled or refused previously. If it has happened, do not forget to check the cancellation affects eligibility criteria. The best immigration solicitors can assist you in this aspect.

Apply Online

The application can be made from the outside or inside the country. Irrespective of what it is, you must submit an online application. Remember that no other forms of applications will be accepted.

Adequate Health Insurance

Individuals travelling to the country must have adequate health insurance with them. It will help them to cover unforeseen situations that can arise anytime. In this way, you do not have to worry about finances.

Your Obligations

Everyone must accomplish all the visa conditions and respect and follow the Australian laws. It is one of the most important requirements like others.

Digital Label

The visa on the passport is digitally made, so there won’t be any label on the passport. It is another thing that many enthusiasts are not aware of and keep asking. 

Make Necessary Arrangements For Medical Treatment Payment

As you are travelling the country for medical purposes, necessary provisions must be made regarding treatment and other aspects. You might have to pay a considerable amount in order to get the proper treatment. Considering that, you must make enough funds and provide evidence of the same to the authorities.

Things One Can Do With A Subclass 602

Let’s now see what all activities one can do after obtaining the visa. After that, they can go ahead and apply for a Medical Treatment Visa.

  • Reside Till The Treatment Gets Over: After obtaining a visa 602, visitors can stay in the country until consultation or treatment gets over. Based on the situation, they can be allowed to enter the country multiple times. Additionally, they can study for three months in case enthusiasts have attained the exemption criteria. But remember that as per the Australian Government, visa holders cannot work in the country.
  • Stay For A Long Time: It is a temporary visa but allows you to reside for one year. If there is a need to extend your stay period, apply for it. Based on your circumstances, the authorities will decide.
  • Include Your Family Members: Family members interested in travelling with you must go to Australia to go ahead. For each one, a separate application must be made. All applications need to be processed together with yours.

In The End

The Medical Treatment Visa has helped aspirants getting the proper treatment in Australia. However, if you plan to apply for this visa, make sure to attain all requirements as specified above. The Immigration experts are strict and will never accept any application where all details are not included. In such situations, there is a high chance your application form will get rejected or cancelled.

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