Top Secrets for Australian Visa Application Approval

December 14, 2022    Immigrationlawyers
Top Secrets for Australian Visa Application Approval

Secrets for Successful Australian Visa Applications

Each and every year, Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection gets around thousands of work, migrant and student visas. Though many of them are successful, there are thousands that are sent back and not accepted.

Some Australian visa applications are refused due to ineligibility or fraud, but many are denied due to misunderstandings, silly mistakes or misunderstandings. Applying for any Australian visa is complex, and you must know more about the Australian visa application process. Read the guide to learn some of the secrets for a successful Australia visa application.

Successful Visa Application Secrets 

Some of the secrets to a successful Australian visa application are as follows:

1. Evidence is needed 

Family, business and work visas particularly need a lot of evidence. Relationships must be proved, and work histories and qualities have to be shown along with asset holdings. Each and every piece of information must be independently verifiable, and everything that you claim must be shown with evidence.

Some sources of proof can be more influential than others, and third-party documentation is also important, as per top migration agents’ words. Government-level documents usually carry more weight compared to private-level documents.

2. You must be consistent

Australia’s Immigration Department will cross-check all the submitted information and will bring up previous visa applications/ government records to check for consistency. To clear up on any inconsistency, even if accidental or innocent, can contribute to the delay of the process and may risk a denial.

The Immigration Department of Australia is quite vigilant and does not hesitate to raise any issues. However, it is said that inconsistencies in the visa application process do not indicate any form of dishonesty. There are some migration paths that involve more than one visa application or visa, such as from student to graduate or Australian permanent residency Process. It is important to ensure that all application details remain consistent.

3. You must be accurate 

The importance of accuracy is a thing that most migration agents agree on. There are many visa applications that get picked up due to small and innocent mistakes. It is essential for applicants to understand that they must be accurate in the information they put on their visa applications. You can hire top migration agents in your area to cross-check your visa application.

While checking visa applications, migration agents look at the visa history to ensure that it matches the date that applicants included on their forms. Most visa lawyers also ask their clients to do searches through their email history or Facebook page to double-check the details and dates. An application process will be much smoother when you are detailed and accurate as possible, along with cross-checking for consistency.

4. You have to be organised

The application process will be faster when you are organised and lay out your Australian Visa documents logically and coherently. Doing this will also make it easier for both the assessor and the applicant. When you highlight specific sections in documents, you must ensure that they are in proper order. The files need to be oriented in a proper way, as advised by experts.

You must also ensure that anything that needs to be translated needs to be submitted with both the original and the translation. You must make your visa application look as pretty as possible, as this will be easy for your case officer to understand and digest the case. This will ultimately lead to the Australian visa application process being faster. The digital files also must be uploaded and named with a proper description.

5. You need to be aware of inconsistent social media profiles and public records

Applicants must be aware that the Department will search through social media profiles and public records. They will also verify the educational records with the original institutions. As an applicant, it is important that you be aware of other information so that people can draw assumptions.

6. You must abide by the time and deadline rules 

It is also important that you be aware of the timings and submission rules. This is due to the given reason that the Australian Department can be very inflexible. For instance, there’s a certain requirement for some visas: you must pass an English language test and submit the results in the first half of the application. If you must pass the test with flying colours, you can still be refused as you do not submit the exam results on time.

7. You must pay attention to the detail

Not paying attention to details is one of the biggest reasons why the visa application process gets slower. It can also lead to adverse outcomes and if you are not correct on the dates and your information to the Department is inconsistent, your Visa Application Rejection Reasons. It is essential that when it comes to accuracy, you must follow the instructions and also abide by the process, which can be counter-intuitive at times.

Final Words 

When applying for an Australian visa, you must keep the above secrets in mind to ensure that your visa application process is faster. It will also help you ensure that your visa application process is successful. If you require help with the visa application, you can contact Immigration Lawyer Perth, WA, to access the best visa lawyers who can help you in filling up the visa form and ensure that the application is not denied.

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