Things Should Know About The Government Covid-19 Travel Restrictions For The Visa Holder

September 7, 2021    Immigrationlawyers
Things Should Know About The Government Covid-19 Travel Restrictions For The Visa Holder

Australian borders are currently closed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can travel to Australia if you are exempt or given an individual exemption. Travel restrictions are frequently changed to respond to the circumstances of Covid-19. Here you will get updated information about the travel restrictions imposed by the Australian government.

It is wise to talk to Australian immigration lawyers if you are planning to visit. Let us check how an exemption can be granted to you.

Exemption Requests To Escort Permanent Residents Who Are Minors

Travel exemptions are granted to those who are escorting minor permanent residents. This is done to ensure the safety and welfare of children. However, the exemptions are given on the basis of the following:

  • One guardian for each child under the age of 2 years is allowed.
  • A guardian for multiple children over two years belonging to the same family is permitted.
  • More than one guardian might be allowed with adequate medical evidence.
  • The people escorting the children will have to be a relative unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Exempt Categories

  • You can enter Australia without obtaining individual exemption if you are:
  • A permanent resident
  • An Australian citizen
  • An immediate relative of a permanent resident or an Australian citizen
  • Airline or maritime crew

There are other exceptional circumstances under which you are exempt from travel restrictions. If you hold a temporary visa, then you will have to provide adequate evidence even if you are an immediate relative of a permanent resident. You will have to prove that you meet one of the particular circumstances under which people are exempt from travel restrictions. Visa lawyers may be able to help if you do not hold a proper visa.

How To Obtain Individual Exemption

You can obtain an individual exemption under one of the following circumstances:

  • If a foreign national is travelling under the request of the Australian government to respond to Covid-19
  • If you are someone capable of providing critical or emergency medical services
  • If your entry to Australia is related to a cause of national interest
  • If your work is needed in a crucial sector of the country
  • If your occupation falls under the “Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List.”
  • If you are military personnel working in any of the armed forces of Australia
  • If you are a student selected to be a part of the “International Student Arrivals Plan.”
  • If you are a student in the final three years of a medical degree in any of the Australian universities
  • A student who is guaranteed to get a placement in Australian medical practice within the next two months
  • A student finishing their endorsements of year 11 and 12 under the “Department of Education, Skills and Employment.”
  • A student of nursing or dental courses with guaranteed placements in the next two months
  • Someone in a need to travel for compelling reasons

You need to hold a visa and exemption if you travel to Australia. You need to put in your request online supported with appropriate evidence. The documents need to be in English. You will have to apply for an exemption at least two weeks before you travel. But you cannot put in your request before more than two months. Your request must include the details of the traveller, such as name, birth date, passport number, visa number and type. You should also provide the residential address and phone number that you will be using in Australia. Your reasons for coming should be mentioned clearly.

Compelling Reasons To Travel

Australian law will permit you to travel on the grounds of compelling and compassionate reasons. The “Commission of the Australian Border Force” makes this decision. Compassionate and compelling reasons are not limited to deaths or critical illness of immediate family members. If you are applying for a humane reason, your application is prioritised. But if you are not granted visa exemption, do not travel. You should carry evidence that you have been given an exemption. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to board the flight. You can take the advice of family visa lawyers to get an exemption on your visa.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has resulted in various travel restrictions within the country. You can earn a visa-exempt only due to exceptional circumstances. The immigration lawyers in Perth, WA, can help you with visa applications. One can apply for a visa exemption online with adequate proof. The authorities may finalise their decision of not granting you the exemption in case of insufficient evidence. You might have a compelling reason to travel. But you will have to describe the reason. Remember to file an application at least two weeks before you have to travel. Make an appointment with top law firms to find the best immigration lawyers.

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