Subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa Conditions & Requirements – Full Checklist

May 19, 2023    Immigrationlawyers
Subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa Conditions & Requirements – Full Checklist

Australia is an attractive country when it comes to the economy. Great advantages would work as a boon for your business career. But why leave your spouse behind? It would be an incomplete settlement if you could not bring your partner here.

The partner visa allows you to do that. But there is a huge cost associated with it. That is why your partner can apply for partner visa 820, which is temporary and less costly in comparison. Your partner will get similar privileges as the permanent visa except for the validity limit.

Now why are you still waiting?

Read the blog to understand the ultimate requirements for a temporary partner visa. Also, know the allowances in detail.

What Is an Australia Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820)?

You can bring your partner to Australia and allow him/her to reside lawfully in the country with the visa. The partner visa subclass 820 is the temporary category of partner visa. Also, it is the first stage to apply for subclass 801, which verifies permanent residency in Australia. Read also – Australian Pr Process

If your partner wishes to apply for a job or work in the country, the visa will give them the privileges. It also supports educational purposes. But a few things are there to remember you have to be the sponsor for your partner in case of the visa application.

You also have to fulfil a few criteria and meet the visa requirements with your partner. The visa only allows the spouse of an Australian permanent resident, eligible New Zealand citizen, and Australian citizen to have the visa.

Who Can Apply for a Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820)?

The visa is an onshore visa that legalizes your partner’s stay in Australia. If you want your partner to come and reside in the country and get the allowance to work without restrictions, you can apply for a partner visa.
It is also a temporary visa that you can grant until your permanent visa application is not finalized. If you meet the 820 visa conditions and are handy with the needed documents, you can apply for this visa.

Partner Visa 820 Checklist

What Are the 820 Visa Conditions?

As it is mentioned, meeting the condition is necessary. You need to know the conditions before you arrange for them to apply for it. The following are the conditions that you and your partner need to meet to lodge your partner visa application.

  • Your partner must be living in Australia.
  • He must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident or uphold New Zealand citizenship.
  • You can be married or be in a de-facto relationship.
  • You need sponsorship from your Australian partner.

These are the important conditions that you need to meet for your application.

What are the 820 Visa Requirements for a Temporary Partner Visa?

You and your partner both must have all the documents that fall in the required category. In case you want to apply for a visa, the officers will check the following grounds.

  • Financial
  • Nature of the household
  • Social
  • Nature of the commitment

Other than that, the following criteria are to be met if you want to apply for the partner visa subclass 820.

  • Your partner must not have refused or cancellation of your visa. Read – Partner visa rejection reasons
  • Your partner currently is not a holder of any regional visa.
  • Your partner has to present in Australia at the time of application.
  • You must be the sponsor for your partner.
  • None of you should be below eighteen years.
  • You both must meet the relationship requirements.
  • Meeting the health requirement is a must.
  • Your partner can not grant a visa without meeting the character requirements.

These are the 820 visa requirements that you need to fulfil once you wish to apply for it. Also, you need to submit all the related documents that prove you have the potential to meet them. A professional Partner Visa Lawyer can guide you through this with their experience. They are knowledgeable about the documents that can provide a shred of solid evidence on behalf of your application.

Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820) Processing Time –

The application approval requires two years from the day of your partner visa 820 application. However, the process may take longer than usual if any issues are found in your Australian Visa Application Process. For instance, the documents need to be properly submitted, in the absence of proper evidence related to your relationship with your partner and others.

Usually, 25% of the applications are processed within six months. 50% get approved within six months of the application. While 70% of the visas take 17 months to get approved, the majority, like 90%, take nearly 23 months.

Now that you know how important is the submission of proper documentation. Avoidance of it can ensure your visa application is completed on time. A lawyer can make it fast. They will inform you of all the required documents so that you can prepare them beforehand. On the other hand, they can increase the value of your application by constantly appealing to the visa officer.

How Long Does a Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820) Last?

Basically, a temporary visa is granted in order to legalize a short period of stay in a country. It can be until you decide to leave or your permanent visa application is finalized. The temporary partner visa also serves a similar purpose.

Once you meet the 820 visa conditions, you would grant the visa within two years of your application. From the time of your visa grant, it can last up to the finalization of your permanent visa application.

The subclass 820 visa is a gateway to achieving the permanent partner visa. Thus it can last till you get confirmed your permanent visa application status. Thus the time is indefinite.


In conclusion, the temporary partner visa also has critical conditions as it is a pathway to granting the permanent partner visa. The 820 visa requirements are also huge that are impossible to tackle one-handed. That is why you can get absolute help from the best immigration lawyers. They can assist you throughout the process and guide you through the conditions.

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