Steps to Apply for the Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835

October 11, 2023    Immigrationlawyers
Steps to Apply for the Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835

Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835

Relatives of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or New Zealand residents may enter Australia and live there permanently with the approval of the remaining relative visa Subclass 835. It benefits people who spend a lot of time away from relatives and friends.

The 835 Visa has also proven beneficial for both the applicant and the occupier. The applicant must be present inside the country when they plan on applying for the visa or have just done so. For the Visa Subclass 835, the applicant must have financial support from a qualified party. You can realise your dreams with its help by working in many fields of your own choosing.

With the support of the most practical and obstacle-free method possible, guidance from an immigration lawyer will help you fully understand every aspect necessary for the visa to be authorised.

Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835: Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Before you apply for the Visa Subclass 835, you must meet certain requirements. Alternatively, it may result in the cancellation of your visa, causing a lot more trouble. Hence, adhering to the key elements when pursuing Visa 835 eligibility is preferable.

1. Sponsor Support:

The nominee, who may be a family member, such as your grandparents, stepbrother, stepsister, or another relative, should receive financial assistance.

2. Temporary Visa Requirements:

If your relatives currently live in another country or directly reside there on a temporary visa, the Remaining Relative Visa 835 will not be

3. Character and Fitness Conditions:

The applicant must meet the character and physical requirements of the visa to be granted one.

4. Debt Information:

Any relative of yours shouldn’t have anything noteworthy listed in their names. You or a family member must arrange to repay any funds received from the Australian government in the event of enlistment.

5. Condition of the Visa:

If this has happened even once to your visa, it could result in rejection or dismissal.

6. The Best Understanding of Children:

The visa department will only accept a visa if the children can attest to it to their knowledge.

7. Inscription on Documents:

Before being granted a visa, a candidate must sign paperwork expressing their intent to adhere to Australian law and lead an Australian way of life.

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Steps To Apply For The Subclass 835 Remaining Relative Visa –

To apply for the Australian remaining relative visa subclass 835, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pay Visa Fees First Instalment

When applying for the remaining relative visa 835, ensure that you pay your first instalment of the visa fee. Navigate to the Immi account to make this payment online.

Step 2: Submit Your Visa Application

There is no such thing as an online or in-person application for a remaining relative visa; thus, you must submit a paper application. The application must be delivered via mail or courier. The whole address is listed on your visa application form. Remember that for paper-based applications, you must certify your credentials and photocopies.

Step 3: Wait Until The First Assessment Arrives

The first stage of this visa’s processing starts once your application has been received. The Department of Home Affairs will now place your application on hold until a spot becomes available.

Step 4: Wait Until The Second Assessment Arrives

The Department of Home Affairs will reevaluate your relative visa application after the queueing procedure is complete. You might receive a notification telling you to send in the second application fee.

Step 5: Pay for The Second Instalment Upon Its Successful Arrival

You must pay the second instalment fee after your application completes the second processing phase to get your relative’s visa. The Department will then inform you in writing of its choice.

What Is The Processing Time For Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835?

The typical processing time for the 835 visa application form varies depending on the person’s profile and application stage. Due to the increased demand for other family visas, which are based on eligibility, the application procedure is subject to capping and queuing and takes longer.

For more information on the requirements and processing time for a visa under the 835 program, contact an expert immigration agent. In light of this, the processing period for a visa type 835 varies:

  • Incorrectly completed or submitted application forms.
  • If not all required documentation is provided or the Department requests more details.
  • If the candidate needs more time, give the departments more information in accordance with their needs.

A permanent visa category is often evaluated by the Department more carefully than a temporary visa category.


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