State or Territory Sponsored Investor Visa(Subclass 893) – Complete Guide

April 4, 2023    Immigrationlawyers
State or Territory Sponsored Investor Visa(Subclass 893) – Complete Guide

Becoming a permanent resident in a country can provide social security and high living standards. Similarly, an investor can get benefitted from the investor visa subclass 893 while operating a business in Australia. This particular visa permanents your staying in Australia as a business investor. This results in access to uncountable facilities to support your business roots.

The visa also offers advantages for beginners or entrepreneurs. Most of the time, entrepreneurs tend to be students or youngsters. Hence, to reinforce their passion, the permanent visa provides opportunities in education. Other healthcare and residential benefits can give you an advanced living experience in the country.

Now, moving permanently to a developed country like Australia can be a huge deal. However, you do not need to fear as there are the best immigration lawyers to help you with all such visa-related queries. To make your start-up a success, go through the blog for all the necessary primary details.

Sponsored Investor Visa Subclass 893 – Eligibility Criteria

What conditions need to be met to apply for the state-sponsored visa?

Every entrepreneur needs to know the visa kinds and the purposes that they serve. All forms of visas come with different eligibility criteria which you are required to satisfy. This is the foremost step to start your investment journey in Australia.

More specifically, the Subclass 893 visa is one of the permanent visas. Thus, it is strictly necessary for you to meet all the conditions that are mentioned below.

  • You must uphold the state or territory-sponsored investor visa subclass 165.
  • You have been a resident in a territory or state where you have lived for two years out of the four years preceding the application of your visa 893.
  • You are required to have a genuine investment commitment and determination to pursue business acts in Australia.
  • Your involvement in any unethical or unlawful activities would be considered ineligible.
  • You and your belongings must have good health and moral conditions.
  • You must be a holder of your designated investment of AUD750 000 made while applying for the subclass 165 visa.
  • All your debts to the Australian government are cleared, as due obligations can interrupt your visa logging.

If all these investor visa subclass 893 Eligibility criteria are not met, you can not lodge your application for the visa. In this regard, you can contact immigrant lawyers to get advice for meeting these certain conditions.

What are the requirements for State or Territory Sponsored Investor Visa (Subclass 893)?

A permanent visa would give you the highest rates of advantages possible to continue to stay in the country. However, keeping your safety in mind, some verified documents must be handy with you.

Having all these documents by you, you can effortlessly pass the required test for visa 893.

  • Copy of passport pages which include your personal and informational details.
  • Copy of the national identity proof.
  • Copy of your driving license (If any).
  • If you ever changed your name, then provide documents regarding the evidence.
  • Application form for your investor visa 893.
  • Form 949 is for confirming the territory-sponsored agency.
  • Two recent photos of yourself must satisfy the requirements of Australian authorities.
  • If you are not from some specific country, a functional level of English is required.
  • Proof of spending at least two years in the territory with visa 165.
  • Your home address.
  • Bills to prove the address.
  • Lease agreement or rental contract.
  • Deed to your property.
  • Details of your family regarding valid identity proof.

The investor Visa Subclass 893 Requirements are necessary to be met for verifying your investor visa application. Moreover, the huge requirement list does not end here. You are required to prove your entire eligibility through documents. Hence, documents of your work, health-related policies, and others are also important, which have not been mentioned in the bullets.

But do not worry, as there are committed Investor visa lawyers to inform you of the legislatures. You can simply learn the policies that apply specifically to you for an accomplished application for a permanent investor visa in Australia.

What Privileges Does a State or Territory-Sponsored Investor Visa Subclass 893 in Australia Serve?

Though the requirements and application conditions are heavy, the privileges are no less than that. Subclass 893 visa has tons of different advantages in the country. It allows you:

  • To stay in Australia permanently.
  • To work and study.
  • To enrol in medical schemes for controlling healthcare expenses.
  • To apply for citizenship.
  • To travel outside the country.
  • To return to Australia from another country.
  • To sponsor your belongings for permanent residency in Australia.

Therefore, you can afford a comfortable living in the country with an investor visa. The visa does not expire. Also, it allows you to invite your families or relatives for the permanent residency process in Australia. Hence, the benefits are immense once you successfully pass the eligibility and documentation process.

How Long Does the Process of an Australia Visa 893 Usually Take?

Once you have completed all sorts of payments, it will take no longer. Your application must meet all the investor Visa Subclass 893 Requirements for faster documentation ending. If you submit all the necessary documents and residential proofs, your application will be issued within a month.

To be clear, the ideal processing time for an Australian 893 visa is four weeks from the date when you have completed all your payments. It can get delayed if the certification process encounters any issues. Hence, for the timely granting of the visa, the lawyers can assist you. If you can submit all the necessary identity proofs or meet the conditions, the process will take no longer than its ideal time.


Hopefully, the blog has been ideal in providing you with the related information about investor visa subclass 893 Eligibility criteria. You should know how to apply for the investor visa more comprehensively once you become aware of what you need.

Hence, Immigration Lawyers Perth WA has all the solutions to your problems. They have experienced lawyers to give you expert advice to operate your business as an entrepreneur in the Australian territory.

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