Requirements for Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804

February 9, 2024    Immigrationlawyers
Requirements for Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804

A large population of immigrants in Australia have aged parents who live in their native countries. With age, it gets more difficult for parents to live independently and alone. This can also be a growing concern for the children of aged parents. That’s why the Australian government has implemented visas specifically for aged parents. Any aged parent or parents can live in Australia as a permanent resident through this visa.

This article includes all the required steps and documents for obtaining an aged parent visa subclass 804.

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What does an Aged Parents Visa of Subclass 804 do?

This visa is specifically curated for aged parents of people who have permanently settled in Australia, are already Australian citizens, or are specific New Zealand citizens to reside in Australia permanently. They can also apply for Australian citizenship through this visa and sponsor other relatives and family members to come to Australia.

Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804 – Visa Application Requirements

To obtain and enjoy the benefits provided by the 804 parent visa, you must first meet certain eligibility criteria put in place:

1. Not having the Temporary Sponsored Parent of the subclass 870 visa.

Those who have already applied for the temporary 870 visa subclass are not eligible for the 804 aged parent visa.

2. Being sponsored

An eligible person or organization must sponsor an aged parent for them to be able to obtain the 804 aged parent visa. Usually, this is their child or step-child. However, if the child is below the age of 18, any other relative, extended family, or community organization can also sponsor them. The sponsorship form must necessarily be included in the aged parent visa 804 application form.

3. Age

For the parent to be considered aged and eligible for an aged parent visa, they must have reached the pensionable age in Australia. Depending on the birth year, this can be anywhere between 65 to 67 years of age.

4. Qualify the Balance of family test

This test is set to determine to what extent a parent is related to their child in Australia. This is a way of regulating entry by ensuring that only those with strong ties to Australia can reside here. This is a non-waivable test to pass which the two following criteria must be met:

  • At least half of the aged parent’s children or step-children must be eligible to sponsor them
  • They must have more eligible children in Australia than in any other country.

Here, eligible children refer to children who are currently residing in Australia.

5. Provide assurance of support

This legal document ensures that aged parents will not have to rely on government support to sustain themselves in Australia. In essence, the parent as an assuree must have an eligible assurer supporting their stay in Australia.

6. Meet certain requirements of health

Visits to Australia have certain compulsory health requirements to prevent the spread and contagion of certain contagious diseases. These primarily include the assurance that you don’t have contagious or debilitating diseases that threaten public safety.

7. Not have any rejected visas in the past

To obtain this visa, the aged parent must not have any previous record of rejected or cancelled visas from other countries.

8. Should be in the child’s best interest

If the child is under the age of 18, then the application for this visa must necessarily be in their best interest. If not, the visa application will be rejected.

9. No outstanding debt to the government

The applicant and their family must have no outstanding debt to the Australian government to be able to obtain this visa.

10. Meet necessary character and value requirements

This step ensures that the applicant for the visa has no criminal history and has not committed any unlawful activities. They must further sign a statement clarifying that they understand and agree to the values and lifestyle of people in Australia.

Summing up

Your application can be sent through once you meet all of the above criteria. However, how soon you’ll hear back is often difficult to determine and dependent on various internal factors and the queue of other applicants. Sometimes, the subclass 804 processing time takes up to thirty years.

Getting the help of migration lawyers can help remove any flaws in your application and documents, hence ensuring a much quicker response. Contact the best Parent visa lawyer Perth to guide you in your applications today.

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