Know Australian Investor Visa Terms And Conditions

December 7, 2021    Immigrationlawyers
Know Australian Investor Visa Terms And Conditions

The investor visa of the Australian government allows a migrant to engage in investment activities. It also enables the visa holder to set up a new business within the Australian territory. The visa provides you the opportunity to stay in the country for an unlimited period.

The visa also allows the holder to bring their family members with them. It also makes the visa applicant eligible for enrolling in health care schemes. Keep reading and expand your knowledge regarding the investor visa in Australia.

Benefits Of The Australian Investor Visa

The investor visa allows the holder to stay in Australia permanently. The applicant can also travel to their native country during the first five years of obtaining the visa. Any applicant who wishes to freely travel to their native country after the end of five years has to obtain a Resident Return visa. The holder of an investor visa in Australia can study in any educational institute in the country.

They can also work at any institution within the country. The different health schemes, including the ones under the government, are accessible by investor visa holders in Australia. The family members of the investor visa holders can come to the country. But the family members have to be sponsored by the applicant during the entire duration of their stay.

Requirements For Obtaining The Investor Visa In Australia

The investor visa application should be free of mistakes to obtain easy approval. You can talk to a migration lawyer to ensure that you don’t miss any of the criteria for obtaining this visa. The requirements are as follows:

Age Limit

There is no age limit to apply for an investor visa.

Health And Character Requirements

Certain health and character requirements have to be met. You have to undergo certain medical examinations. It is also necessary to undergo police verification. Your accompanying family members should also meet the health and character requirements. Sometimes the family members who are not accompanying you to Australia might also have to satisfy the health and character requirements.

Details Of The Business

The details of the business have to be provided in the application form. Your business must be functional for the last four years. The minimum amount to be invested in your business is AUD 1.5 million. You will also need to show evidence that your business does not incorporate any malpractices. You will have to convince the Department of Home Affairs that you have genuine intentions to carry out your business in the country.

Possession Of Other Visas

You need to possess the visa subclass 162 while making the application for an investor visa in Australia.

Australian Value Statement

The Australian value statement needs to be signed by the applicant. It requires you to specify that the laws of the country will be abided by the visa applicants.

Status Of Previous Visa Applications

The visa application should not be canceled or rejected previously.

Residence Requirements

Every applicant of the investor visa in Australia has to stay in the country for two years before applying for the visa. The duration of two years does not need to be a continuous period.

Australian Investor Visa Checklist

The process of getting your investor visa application approved is quite tedious. Any immigration lawyer Perth, WA will provide you a checklist to ensure your application gets approved:

  • Let the business agency know before applying for the investor visa.
  • Keep all the required documents ready to submit with the application. The documents will include residence and business details, health certificate, character certificate, and other evidence.
  • After applying for the visa, you have to be in Australia until your investor visa application gets approved.
  • Your family members can be present at any place other than immigration clearance when applying for the investor visa in Australia.
  • After your investor visa application gets approved, you will have to collect the grant number and other essential details. You should know the beginning date from which your visa will become eligible. It is also necessary to gain as much information as possible about the conditions of your visa.
  • In case your visa application gets rejected, you will be informed about the cancellation reason. However, you need to remember that the processing fee will not get refunded.


1. Can You Apply For An Investor Visa In Australia?

Immigration lawyer consultation will help you understand if you qualify for the investor visa. The basic eligibility criteria for the investor visa as per the Australian government guidelines are as follows:

  • The applicant has to reside in the country for a couple of years at least.
  • The applicant must possess a provisional investor visa to apply for this visa.
  • The applicant needs to have business with an investment of AUD 1.5 million in the past four years.
  • The visa applicant must be made while the applicant is residing within the territory of Australia.

2. What Is The Processing Time For The Investor Visa In Australia?

The processing time required to approve the investor visa application in Australia is not fixed. The earlier you apply, the earlier your application will get approved. If you fail to provide all the particulars of the investor visa, your processing time will get extended unnecessarily. The application form for the investor visa must be filled out properly without committing any mistake.

3. What Is The Cost Of The Investor Visa Application In Australia?

The cost of the investor visa application in Australia is around AUD 2,450. The application fee does not get refunded if it gets rejected for some reason. You might have to cover additional charges such as undergoing medical tests and collecting character certificates from the police.

Ending Note

The investor visa requirements are quite extensive. You can hire a reliable immigration lawyer who will help you with filling out the application form for the investor visa. They will prevent you from committing typical mistakes that can increase the risk of your visa application getting rejected.

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