Important changes in Australian immigration that you must look in 2020

April 28, 2020    Immigrationlawyers
Important changes in Australian immigration that you must look in 2020

Debut to the Australian Immigration System

Having the point-based system of immigration, the Australian region has a significant position in availing individuals with permanent residency in the arena. It is vital that you should be aware of the exact procedure along with the credentials required for undergoing the migration process. In this aspect, the latest changes in the Australian immigration process are considered in major aspects.

In the present year, the nation has undertaken certain strong steps in order to offer the individuals or the eligible migrants with better opportunities in the Aussie land. It could be better validated having the description of the major changes made in the Immigration rules. The process-based requirement would be also considered in the aspect. Better details could be gained from the affordable Visa Lawyers by the individuals.

Major changes in the Immigration System of Australia for the year 2020

Changes in the Point System

For the General Skilled Migration, the government has announced with certain essential rules. The visa categories for the same are like the Subclass 189 visa, Subclass 491 visa, subclass 190 visa, etc. The updated point system for immigration is described as below:

  • 10 points for having a de-facto partner or a skilled spouse.
  • 15 points for the individuals or the visa aspirants who are being sponsored or nominated by the territory or the state government.
  • 10 points for having the STEM-based qualifications. Here, the STEM meant to the streams of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • 10 points for those individuals who are not having the de-facto or the spouse partner.
  • 5 points for those individuals or the visa aspirants who are having the de-facto or the spouse partner who is much efficient in the English language.

Opened the doors for the Semi-skilled Worker having the Limited knowledge of English

The Australian Union Government has undergone signing with the two essential agreements Northern Territory and the Great Southern Coast. As per Immigration Lawyers Perth, these agreements are said to be the Designated Area Migration Agreements which would, in turn, provide the individuals or the semi-skilled immigrants who are having a few English skills with the permanent residency in the Australian region.

Not only this, but the government is also planning to have more of such agreements with the varied other regions. These would provide much of the benefits to the individual having lower income, skills or language proficiency in getting the PR in Australia.

Introduction of a New Parent Visa

As per the latest update of the Australian immigration system, the government of Australia has also undergone with the introduction of the temporary sponsored parent visa. This visa would, in turn, allow the individuals with having the migration of their parents to Australia for the time period of 5 years.

This visa was being implemented in the mid of the year 2019. Also, this allows the parents of the individual to gain with the 3 or 5-year visa in Australia. The visa could be in turn renewed for a single time period. The children who are sponsoring their parents are required to have the knowledge of the fact that their parents are required to have the completion of the health insurance based requirements and should not have any of the healthcare debt or the loan.

Lowering of the Permanent Immigration Intake

It is determined that both federal, as well as the provisional government of Australia, is likely to have a reduction in the level of immigration this year. There would be also seen varied changes in respect to the rules and regulations of the Australian citizenship. The aspirants might have to wait for the time period of 4 years and have to also undergo the English language proficiency test.

Extension of the Processing time for the Partner Visa

This too intends to be the essential change in the aspect of immigration changes being implemented in the Australian economy. As per the considerations of the Family Voice Bill being passed in the era, it is considered that before the lodging of the application, the applicant is required to gain approval for the sponsorship of the partner visa. Thus, the section would too signify the aspect that the sponsor and the offshore applicant are required to pass the stringent process for gaining the assess for the character-based aspects.

If still, there rest any of the queries with respect to the changes being implemented in the Immigration rules and regulations in the year 2020, the individual may have words with the Immigration SolicitorsThe experienced professionals would provide you with the utmost details in the related aspect. They have served a huge number of clients from all around the globe.

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