How to Get Australian PR (Permanent Residency) – Complete Process

September 26, 2022    Immigrationlawyers
How to Get Australian PR (Permanent Residency) – Complete Process

How to get Australian PR?

Immigrants worldwide have been permanently moving to Australia or looking to move to the land of Kangaroos. It is said that Indians make the third largest immigrant population in Australia. Despite the pandemic in 2020, Australia was one of the countries that continued to accept applications for permanent residency.

Many people like to visit Australia for the work and education benefits it provides. If you are one of them, you must apply for a PR Australian visa with the help of an immigration lawyer in Perth. In this blog, you will learn about the PR visa in great detail.

What is a Permanent Residency in Australia?

An Australian PR is a type of permanent residency visa that can let you work, settle and study in Australia forever. This visa uses a point-based immigration system, and there are various benefits of having this visa. Under this visa, you will also be able to apply for Australian citizenship after three years of holding the PR visa.

What Are the Different Benefits of a PR Visa?

The various benefits of a PR visa in Australia are as follows:

  • You can live and travel anywhere in Australia
  • You can pursue higher studies in Australia
  • You will be able to enjoy social security benefits in the country for two years
  • You can sponsor your family for PR
  • You can also apply for government jobs
  • You will also be able to apply for government jobs under this visa
  • This visa can be considered your road to Australian citizenship
  • You can take benefit from free medical insurance
  • Dependents on your visa application can get subsidized education loans.

What Are the Various Programs for Skilled Australian Immigration?

The Australian Skilled Worker program can allow you to apply for permanent residence in the country under the Skillselect program. The immigration authorities in Australia select the best experts around the world suitable for specific jobs.

There are five immigration pathways for you to apply as a skilled worker. You can learn more by meeting an immigration lawyer in Perth. The pathways are as follows:

Out of all the pathways mentioned above, the 189 visas, the 190 visas, and temporary resident visas are three popular visa categories that most people apply for.

What is a Skilled Independent Visa?

The 189 visa or skilled independent visa is one of the most popular visas to let you move to Australia without an employer sponsorship or job offer. This visa is for skilled workers with work experience; you will need at least 90 points in the points grid system to qualify for this visa.

What is a Skilled Nominated Visa?

The 190 visa or the skilled nominated visa is a visa that needs you to be nominated by the Australian government. It can be considered your one-way ticket to citizenship in the country. Under this visa, you need a job offer or an employer sponsorship. You will need a pre-existing job offer for this visa.

What is a Skilled Regional Visa?

The 191 visa or the skilled regional visa is a visa for people who had previously lived, studied and worked in Australia. This is a visa for temporary visa holders and is also used to switch to a permanent resident visa later. You must have held a 491 or 482 visa before for this visa.

What Are the Steps for the Australian PR Process From Outside the Country?

The steps for the Australian PR process from your home country are as follows:

  • Check if you are suitable for the visa 

You can consult top immigration lawyers in Perth to know if you are eligible for the visa. To be eligible for the PR visa, you need to have your occupation listed in the Skilled Occupation list despite your applied visa. You also need to be less than 45 years old and score at least 65 points in the points grid.

  • You must acquire your language proficiency test results. 

The next step you must take is to complete an English language proficiency test. You can opt for any IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL language proficiency test.

  1. For IELTS, you must score 7 or more
  2. For TOEFL, you need to score 25 or more
  3. For PTE, you must score 65 or more.
  • You must acquire your skills assessment report from SkillSelect. 

You need to have your professional and educational skills assessed in this step. For this, you need to keep in mind the following:

  1. You need to get assessed by ‘SkillSelect.’
  2. You will be selected based on factors like education, age, work experience, commitment and English test score.
  3. The PR Visa Application process will take around 8-10 weeks
  4.  It will cost you around AUD2815.

Australia will compare your foreign education with that of their country. You will be able to send transcripts to SkillSelect. After this, you must attach your SkillSelect report to the EOI or Expression of Interest.

  • You must register your EOI or Expression of Interest on SkillSelect.

This is an important step in your Australian PR journey, and you need to register an EOI in SkillSelect. This is a way by which you inform the Australian authorities that you want to apply for an Australian PR visa.

Based on your EOI, You may be invited to apply for a visa based on factors like education, English proficiency score, or the years you worked in certain fields.

You can take the help of top immigration lawyers in Perth to know more about this. The steps to register your EOI on SkillSelect are as follows:

  1. You need to create a profile in the SkillSelect portal
  2. You must sign in
  3. You need to select your visa type
  4. You must enter your English language score
  5. You need to enter your educational qualifications
  6. You must enter your work experience
  7. You need to submit the declaration form.
  • Receive the invitation to apply for the Australian visa 

After completing the above step, you can sit back and wait for your ITA or invitation to apply. The applicants with the highest EOI ranking can receive the ITA, which indicates that you are only a step away from getting your PR visa.

  • Submit your PR visa application 

After receiving the ITA, there is one last step: submit your visa application within two months or 60 days.

  •  Submit your health and character certificates 

You will also be needed to submit extra documents required such as passport and clearance certificates for visa stamping. After this, you can prepare to move to Australia.

Eligibility Requirements for Australian PR

The eligibility requirements for Australian PR are as follows:

  • You need to be less than 45 years of age when applying for this visa.
  • You need to have your skills assessed by the immigration authorities.
  • You need to score at least 65 points.
  • You need to have your skill nominated under the skilled occupation list.
  • You must provide health and character certificates.
  • You also need to show your English language ability.

Contact Immigration Lawyers Perth

To be able to apply for permanent residency in Australia, you must know the available visas under this category. After successfully completing a PR visa application, you will be granted a PR visa. You can contact Immigration Lawyers Perth if you need help from migration lawyers who can help you fill up the visa application form.

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