Benefits of Investor Visa Subclass 891 – How to Apply, Requirements & more

May 11, 2023    Immigrationlawyers
Benefits of Investor Visa Subclass 891 – How to Apply, Requirements & more

An investor visa is necessary when you are planning to integrate business investment in another country. The investor visa subclass 891 is granted for practising such investment and business activities in Australia. It is a legal procedure that allows the immigrant to stay indefinitely in the country. The country can be the perfect location for your start-up business because of the services you can get here.

The higher foreign investment rates in the country also contribute to its business performance, which makes it even more attractive for immigrants.

However, if you are planning to become an investor in Australia and are willing to apply for a visa, you need to be aware of certain things. It is necessary to have a qualifying visa that is granted with legitimate procedures. Later, you can proceed with knowledgeable people to legally take you through making the subclass 891 visa.

The process of getting a visa can be daunting. It can take time and money. Hence, to get genuine legal guidance, you need to consult an Investor Visa lawyers. This blog will also take you through the principal elements you need to know before applying for an investor visa in this specific country.

Australia Investor Visa 891 Requirements Or Eligibility Criteria?

Due to the alluring growth in the economy, Australia offers great opportunities for establishing a business. Hence, the visa is used to avoid any economic disruptions in the country to secure your valuable investments. This is why the process requires some legal procedures, which have been discussed here.

Firstly, it is important to know when you will be eligible for publishing the visa. The Investor Visa Subclass 891 Eligibility criteria include the following conditions.

  • You should have legislative proof of your successfully running business.
  • Your business must age a minimum of four years.
  • You must be residing in the country for two years.
  • You have to uphold the Subclass 162 visa.
  • The investment has to be approx AUD 1.5 Million.

These are the primary conditions that apply when you will issue the investor visa.

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Australia Investor Visa 891 Processing Time

After a minimum of two years of dwelling in Australia, you would finally be eligible for the subclass 891 application. However, the question that might come to mind is how long it is going to take.

The Subclass 891 processing time is undefined. It might take different times for different people. In most cases, it is like who comes first gets it first. Hence, you may get able to receive your visa within a few days, or it may take weeks. However, if any problem happens with your documentation, the processing time may take longer than usual.

Can My Appeal for Visa 891 Application Get Rejected?

There are meagre chances of your visa appeal getting rejected, regardless of how this is possible. It can happen for various reasons.

  • Failing to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • No legal solid proof for any particular.
  • Your visa got cancelled before.
  • Your business is not functional for an extended period of time.

These are the main possible reasons for your visa appeal to get rejected. Hence, to avoid such inconvenience, you can take legal services from a law firm.

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Where can I get legal assistance in the citizenship process?

The process of getting the investor visa subclass 891 is complicated. When you are completely unaware of the regulations and are making huge investments in your Australian business, immigrant lawyers can help you anytime.

Assist you in understanding your needs

In a state when you are utterly clueless about the methods and cannot understand what to do next, you can get guided. The immigrant lawyers would analyse the circumstances of your business activities and inform you when it would be perfect for you to apply for the visa.

1. Makes it legal –

The lawyers associated with the investor visa are experienced and manage several such cases. Hence, once you consult a lawyer, you do not have to worry about legislation. They are there to handle it. Consequently, their assistance can really lighten your burden. In addition, every step of the process can get comprehensive with their involvement in the process.

2. Ease in documentation –

As you will be going all legal with the process, the documentation will also be straightforward. The lawyers would notify the requirement, which would give you the appropriate time to arrange them. Furthermore, you do not need to run here and there for the documentation process.

3. Takes minimal time –

You do not need to run to the office every time to get your job done. You just need to dial a lawyer. You can contact them over the phone and hand them over your documents to get the job done as soon as possible. It would save time as you do not need to go through lengthy processes. You can save costs and protect yourself from carrying bulky files to bring out required documents.

After knowing the Investor Visa Subclass 891 Eligibility criteria, the entire applying process, and important dates, you do not need to cruise around visa offices anymore.

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How Can I Apply For an Investor Visa?

Now, after studying all the necessary details about the procedure, you can apply for the visa with simple steps.
Inform your business agency

  • Consult your trusted lawyer
  • Arrange the instructed documents
  • Apply for the visa
  • Give everything a final check
  • Make the payment

Hence, acquiring an investor visa in a different country can get a lot easier when there is a supporting hand from experienced lawyers.

Benefits of Getting an Investor Visa (Subclass 891) in Australia

If you are wondering whether getting an investor visa is worth it, here is your answer. As discussed earlier, the visa can get you through your investment process very efficiently and legally. In a nutshell, it helps in legalising your business in Australia. It gets you legal ownership for business investments.

Other than these, it also helps in legalising a few additional things. You can get permission to reside in the country permanently. You also can travel to your native land with the advantage of the subclass 891 visa for the initial five years. Afterwards, you can get a Resident Return Visa to continue travelling to your native country.

Therefore, you can receive all the possible government assistance for your business after you acclaim your visa. The allowance over Australian companies and accessibility upon additional set-ups can also get acquainted with you. Most importantly, you can bring legal citizenship of the concerned country with the investor subclass visa.


In conclusion, the answers from the blog can help you get all the necessary information about acquiring a legal investor visa in Australia. It gave the idea about the Subclass 891 processing time, eligibility criteria, necessary documents, and other crucial information. However, as the process gets you legal citizenship, there is complexity.

But you do not need to worry, as Immigrations Lawyers Perth can give you the necessary assistance. It will guide you through all the levels. Also, expert lawyers will help you neglect mistakes and submit an errorless appeal for issuing the investor visa.

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