How COVID-19 Is Impacting Australian Visa Applications And Existing Holders Of Visas

June 9, 2020    Immigrationlawyers
How COVID-19 Is Impacting Australian Visa Applications And Existing Holders Of Visas

The current pandemic of Coronavirus outbreak has put several lives throughout the world on stake and also taken away many lives. Due to this, most of the countries are into lockdown. Almost all of the businesses throughout the world are out of operation. Not just this, the import and export of goods among the countries have totally stopped for an uncertain time until the seriousness of this disease is decreased.

The outbreak of this pandemic has restricted people from travelling to any other place. The deadly Coronavirus spreads through mere contact with the infected person and cannot be detected immediately. Hence, people are requested to stay at homes for the maximum time and not step out of their houses to stop the spread of this deadly Covid-19 Pandemic.

As the travel restrictions continue to imply, let us see how this Coronavirus spread has led to its impact on the Australian visa applications and other existing visa holders.

The restrictions applied to the existing visas and visa applications have mostly affected the temporary visa holders. Various changes have been applied to the terms and conditions for visa approvals. On 4th April 2020, the minister responsible for the Immigration has announced a new set of approaches to be taken regarding the 2.17 million people who are residing in Australia as temporary visa holders and are affected due to the coronavirus economic and health crisis.

The detailed outline of the announcement declares that the Government’s approach to every visa and visa application will depend on the temporary work visa held and the purpose for which the visa was granted. The government advises on visa holders to depart Australia depends on the reason for which he or she is currently in Australia like whether he or she is just a visitor for holidays or works in a skill shortage sector in Australia and their departure is going to make a difference in the industries. Especially the workers with highly proven skills in the Health services are advised to stay in Australia with financial support given by the Government.

The Government is taking an initiative to support the temporary visa holders in Australia who are affected by the coronavirus crisis but it still depends on the type of visa and the reason for a visit to Australia. The Government has even reserved a large fund to support these immigrants and special New Zealand citizens who have arrived in Australia on a subclass 444 visa and residing in Australia for more than 10 years now.

If you are an immigrant in Australia and unable to find an appropriate way to reach the support initiatives by the Government, you must consider the guidance of an Immigrant lawyer Perth.

The various types of temporary visas in Australia that are provided to different immigrants visiting Australia for various other reasons are permitted different length of stay in Australia. Let us see some of those temporary visa conditions prevailing currently in Australia…

Generally, temporary visas allow the visa holder the right to travel out of Australia and reenter Australia on the same visa. But in the current situation, the right to travel has been restricted however; it does not restrict the visa holders who want to depart Australia.

The temporary visa holders are now allowed to stay in Australia for as long as their visa remains valid and they continue to follow and satisfy all the attached conditions of the visa. However, as soon as the visa holder tries to or breaches any of the visa conditions, their visa would stand cancelled.

But these conditions may change at times considering the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak.

The following arrangements are been made by the Migration department of Australia amidst this coronavirus outbreak for temporary visa holders in Australia…

  • The temporary visa holders who are no longer able to support themselves financially in Australia are advised to return to their country of nationality.
  • The temporary visa holders in Australia who want to depart Australia can get in contact with the Embassy of their country or a Migration Lawyer in Perth if they require any kind of assistance or information regarding their return.
  • Unless any applicable exemptions, Australian temporary visa holders are not allowed to re-enter Australia due to travel bans.
  • The temporary visa holders in Australia are not generally provided any type of Government financial support, but in the present situation of this deadly Covid-19 outbreak, the Government is providing support to some New Zealand citizens and other temporary visa holders are also been provided some other support measures by being allowed to access the superannuation.
  • Due to the present circumstance of the coronavirus outbreak, the individuals who are unable to depart Australia because of travel restrictions in their country of nationality can apply for a Visa subclass 408 to remain lawfully in Australia temporarily until the crisis is overcome.

If you are a visitor in Australia or living in Australia as a Skilled Worker and serving in the country in a designated position, you can look for the various supports available from the Government.

There are various other provisions available for the different types of temporary visa holders in Australia at this moment. If you are unsure about which category your visa falls in and where to approach for a reasonable help, you should consider guidance from an expert and best Immigration lawyer Perth and they would lead you in the correct direction to proceed. The immigration solicitors can also be of great help and will assist you in the desired concern. If you are looking to depart or re-enter Australia on your temporary visa and facing any issue regarding the same, The Migration lawyer Perth will assist you in any required help for the migration and immigration purposes.

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