How Can Skilled Independent Visa Help In Permanent Migration To Australia?

October 5, 2021    Immigrationlawyers
How Can Skilled Independent Visa Help In Permanent Migration To Australia?

For international migrants, Australia has been one of the top destinations. Because of the attractive employment opportunities and high standard of living, thousands of people across the globe migrate to Australia every year.

The skilled visa migration program of the Department of Home Affairs is for those who dream of staying and working in Australia permanently. In this blog, we discuss how the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 can help the holder gain permanent residency in Australia.

Benefits You Will Get

The Skilled Independent Visa is associated with various benefits and responsibilities.

  • As this is a permanent residency visa, you can permanently stay, study, and work in Australia.
  • You can enroll in Australia’s national healthcare scheme, Medicare, and enjoy free and cheap treatments at public hospitals.
  • You can sponsor your eligible relatives for their visas if they want to come to Australia.
  • You can travel to and from Australia whenever you want in the next five years from the visa grant date.
  • After five years, you must get a Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 or 155 to return to Australia.

A Successful Application – A Pathway To Permanent Residency

You can enjoy the benefits only when you obtain the visa, and for that, the application should be successful.

You Have To Meet Eligibility Requirements For The Two Streams

First of all, you should know that there are two streams under this visa. One is the Points-tested Stream, and another is the New Zealand Stream. Each of these streams has specific requirements, and so you must choose the stream wisely.

For the Points-tested Stream, the requirements are:

  • Receiving the invitation to apply,
  • Having a skills assessment,
  • Age under 45 years,
  • Having a competent English level,
  • Having relevant skills required for the nominated occupation,

For the New Zealand Stream, the requirements include:

  • Proof of being a New Zealand citizen,
  • Meeting the income requirement,
  • Having the New Zealand Category Visa Subclass 444,
  • Residential proof of living in Australia for 5 years (from before 19 February 2016),

Some additional requirements are common for both streams. These criteria include:

  • Meeting the health and character requirements,
  • Having no unpaid debts to the Australian Government, and
  • Evidence of no records of visa cancellation.

Make The Application Properly

Once you are confirmed about meeting all the requirements, you should now go for the application. The application procedure is also different for the two streams, which you should make a note of. For the Points-tested Stream, you have to go through the following steps.

  • Before applying, you should first submit an EOI or Expression of Interest.
  • Then, you should gather all the documents.
  • Next, you should apply online.
  • If additional documents are required, the Department of Home Affairs will inform you.
  • Finally, you will receive the visa outcome notification.

The application procedure for the New Zealand Stream will involve the following steps.

  • First, you should check whether you meet all the requirements.
  • In the next step, you have to gather all the necessary documents.
  • Once all the records are gathered, you should now make the online application.
  • The Department will inform you if they need any additional documents.
  • The final step involves the visa decision.

Note that irrespective of your visa application outcome, you will receive mail from the Immigration Department. If it is approved, the mail will contain the visa grant date, grant number, and conditions. If rejected, the mail will include the reasons behind the rejection and whether you can review the decision.

As an applicant, it will be frustrating to get your application rejected. So, for the best outcome, you must consult an immigration lawyer.

Know The Visa Cost And Processing Time

For a complete application, you have to pay the application fee. Right now, the application fee for the primary applicant for both streams is AUD 4115. However, you must remember that for the New Zealand Stream, the first 20% installment should be paid while applying, and the next 80% installment should be paid before the visa decision.

  • Processing times vary on the number of applications submitted at a given time, personal circumstances, the requirement for additional documents, etc. The Points-tested Stream applications get processed in 18 to 29 months, while the New Zealand Stream applications take 15 to 16 months.

Know What To Do If You Include Family Members

This visa allows the holders to include immediate family members like your spouse or partner and dependent children. All the applicants aged over 16 should meet health and character requirements.

Where Do You Find A Lawyer?

To find a top-rated immigration lawyer in Perth, you can contact some of the best-rated firms based here. You can ask for relevant contacts and quotes, and choose the one who will suit you the best.

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