ETA Or e Business Visa – Meaning, Application Process & More

November 10, 2022    Immigrationlawyers
ETA Or e Business Visa – Meaning, Application Process & More

An Australian business visa is a business visitor visa that can allow you to visit Australia multiple times for business needs for 90 days each. This visa is valid for many activities, like attending business meetings and seminars, but you cannot work under this visa.

An e-business visa is valid for a year from the date you first enter. You will have to apply for a business visa if you wish to visit Australia for business purposes. In this specific guide, you can learn more about an e-business visa, including the requirements, conditions, steps and much more.

What is a Business Visa Valid for?

A business visa is valid for activities such as attending business meetings, seminars and much more. This visa will be valid for 12 months from the date you enter Australia. Under this visa, you can do the following:

  • You can attend business meetings
  • You can meet possible customers or business partners
  • You can attend business seminars
  • You can also conduct other business-related activities
  • When travelling on this visa, you will not be allowed to receive payment for any work that is carried out in Australia.

What Are the Requirements for the ETA Business Visa?

The requirements for an ETA business visa FAQs in Australia are as follows:

You need to hold your current passport from a list of ETA-eligible countries; only then can you apply for this visa. If your country is not listed, you may still be able to apply manually for an Australian short-stay business visa. You can easily do so with the assistance of an Australian Non-ETA eligible visa application process.

You must be proper and have good character if you want to acquire this electronic business visa. If you have any criminal records, it needs to be declared, and you must apply from the manual process for an Australian business visa application.

What Are Some Conditions Listed in the ETA Business Visa?

Some of the conditions listed in the ETA business visa are as follows:

  • The visa is valid for around 12 months from the date the visa is issued.
  • During the one year, you will be allowed for multiple stays for up to three months each.
  • You must have six months remaining or more on your passport on the day you leave Australia.
  • The visa will be attached to the passport you use when applying for it. This is why, if you renew your passport for any reason, you need to apply again for a new business visa application process.
  • The visa will not allow you to be paid for any work completed in Australia.

What Are the Steps for Completing an ETA application?

The steps to complete an ETA application are as follows:

  • You must submit the ETA application using the Australian ETA application. You need to lodge your ETA using the Australian ETA application.
  • You must wait for any notification, and if you did not receive the notification, you should check your emails. You may have to wait for around 12 hours after applying to receive the notification.
  • If you get a letter by email requesting further information, you must click on the link and submit an online form via your ImmiAccount.
  • You must log in or create your Immiaccount.
  • After following the steps to complete your visa application, you must click the ‘next’ button.
  • You need to attach form 1554: ETA request for further processing and all the supporting documents in your ImmiAccount.

ETA Application Needs More Information

If you receive any message that indicates that your ETA application cannot be processed, you must provide more information to Australia’s Department of Home Affairs. You must use the link in the email attachment to you to complete the ETA form online in your ImmiAccount. After that, you must attach all the important documents for the electronic business visa, including form 1554.

Supporting Documents That You Might need to Provide

Some of the other supporting documents that you may have to provide to the Department of Home Affairs are as follows:

  • A copy of your passport biodata and the front and back of your national identity card.
  • The proper information to show that you genuinely wish to visit Australia temporarily for tourism or business purposes.
  • Information about the reason for visiting Australia needs to include information about your intended stays or activities.
  • Provide a list of all your immediate family members, including their full names, date of birth, relationship with you, and others. Immediate family members will include children, partners, parents, and siblings.
  • A list of all your travel companions, and you must include their full name, date of birth and relationship with you.

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