Documents Required For Australian Business Visa

June 6, 2022    Immigrationlawyers
Documents Required For Australian Business Visa

If you’ve recently moved to Australia and are looking forward to establishing and managing a business, you’ll need a Business Visa Perth. You’re likely to apply for a Subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment subclass visa. This visa comes with a validity of five years.

It incorporates four distinct streams along with two ‘extension’ additional streams. This helps extend the term of your temporary visa only if you satisfy the requirements. Applying for subclass 188 will make a pathway to permanent residence after three years of stay.

You need to be nominated by a State or Territory Government first to be eligible. However, the requirements for granting nominations vary from the state government to the territory government.

So as the holder of a business visa in Australia, you need to abide by the additional obligations. You also need to provide financial evidence to demonstrate that you meet the requirements. This is applicable for both visa grants and nomination approval. Besides, the requisite financial documents will entirely depend on the stream you apply for submitting your application.

Today, this article will provide a general yet valuable overview of the requisite documents while applying for an Australian business visa.

What is a Subclass 188 Business Visa?

The business visa subclass 188 grants you the privilege to work and live in Australia. This means having this visa will allow you to manage and own any new or existing business in Australia. But to be granted a visa subclass 188, you need to get a nomination from the state or territory government.

Eligibility for Obtaining an Australian Business Visa

While numerous visa options are available, the business visa requirements can be confusing at times. The requisite documents are different for every type of Australian Visa; while some are optional, some might be obligatory. Thus having a complete idea of the requisite documents will ease your application procedure.

But before you can apply for an Australian Business Visa, you need to be eligible. And to become eligible, you need to make sure that you meet specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • You must be self-sufficient by possessing adequate funds to support your expenses. If you have any dependents, you need to take care of their expenses.
  • It would be best if you were a valid and genuine traveller with a good intention of travelling from one country to another.
  • You must possess good characteristics, and your criminal track must come clean. To prove this, you might have to provide a Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Your love and respect for your home country must be sturdy enough. This will ensure that you will return after the completion of your stay.
  • It is essential to meet the minimum health requirements. So make sure you’re in good health of both mind and body.
  • Your purpose of travelling to Australia must be genuine, for which you need to provide a valid invitation.

Documents Required for Australian Business Visa

While applying for a business visa in Australia, you need to submit some documents and form 1415. This comprehensive listing consists of all standard Australia business visa requirements. They are:

1. Old Passport

While processing the business visa subclass 188, your old passport plays a pivotal role. It helps in determining your travel history. But before you submit, make sure:

  • The soft copy is original.
  • It is in good condition.
  • The first and the last page are essentially genuine.

2. Passport

It is a must whenever you are travelling abroad to verify your nationality and identity. So before submitting your passport, make sure:

  • The soft copy is genuine
  • It is not damaged, torn, or ripped, but just as good as new

3. Photo

This is the most significant proof of identity, so make sure:

  • It has a milky white background
  • It has a matte finish
  • Your ears must be visible
  • Your facial expressions are not too exaggerating
  • There is no extra attire on your body.

4. Air Ticket

You must present your air ticket before applying for an Australian business visa. It helps confirm your complete round trip and the to and from travel itinerary.

5. Authority Letter

This document will permit you to perform certain activities, but make sure it addresses the agency with an official signature and stamp.

6. Itinerary

It is probably the most crucial document containing all the travel schedule details. The traveller’s information is also included in this document. So you must ensure that it provides day-to-day plans, programs, and schedules. Failing to do so might have greater chances of affecting your visa consultation.

7. PAN Card

The PAN card keeps track of all financial transactions. So before submitting this document, make sure it has:

  • A signature proof
  • Nationality and identity proof

Since your PAN card will work as identity proof, ensure it has all the requisite information.

8. Bank Statement

This document shows the active savings bank account that you operate. It works as proof for showing that you can stay in the country. However, you should ensure that your bank statement must:

  • Have sufficient balance in the savings account
  • Be original and have the signature and stamp on every page

Also, remember that your bank statement shows irrelevant expenditure or insufficient funds, and your business visa might get rejected. So to avoid rejection on financial means, you must get a professional visa consultation.

9. Covering Letter Granted by Company

This letter is usually provided to the employees whenever they need to travel to another country for business purposes. The covering letter must:

  • Contain the company and the traveller’s detailed information on the letterhead with an official signature and seal.
  • Have the details of the traveller’s stay within the country.

10. Invitation Letter from Company

The invitation letter is provided whenever an employee is invited to the company. So make sure that the submitted invitation letter consists of:

  • Company’s name
  • Contact details
  • Stamp
  • Sponsorship details
  • Reason of travel
  • Authoritarian signature with the designation
  • Diplomatic mission addressee

11. Income Tax Returns

This document keeps track of the taxes you pay to the government. So make sure that the proof of income tax contains:

  • ITR-V for the past three years
  • Proof of legitimate documentary for income tax payment

12. Company Registration

This document acts as proof of certification granted to the shop holders. So before handing over this crucial commercial document, you must check whether or not:

  • Consists of the name of the applicant
  • Works as the registration proof of the company
  • Issued in the English language

If the Company Registration is not found genuine, authorities might not validate acceptance of a business visa. So before heading over to do all things, you should get a professional visa consultation.

Visa Streams of Australian Business Visa

Earlier in this article, you must have read that the subclass 188 visa consists of four streams. They are:

  • Investor
  • Business Innovation
  • Entrepreneur
  • Significant Investor

Also, remember that additional streams apply in cases where you can seek an extension of a temporary visa.

Application Procedure for Australian Business Visa

While acquiring a subclass 188 visa, you must undergo a thorough application procedure. So, the first thing you need to do is submit an expression of interest. After being successfully approved, you will receive an invitation to apply for the same.

Besides, you must also receive the approval granted by any of the two governments who agree to nominate you. And the last and final step for the application is to apply for a visa.

To successfully proceed with your application, you need to meet specific criteria, including:

  • A valid EOI for lodging or immigration
  • A genuine visa grant requirement
  • An actual nomination approval requirement. However, each of the requirements might differ from one place to another.

Points Test for Australian Business Visa

Whether you are applying for Investor Streams or Business Innovation, you must undergo another procedure. You need to achieve a score in the points test to become eligible and apply for a business visa. Having a score of at least 65 points is essential.

The score which you will be allocated will depend on significant factors. They include age, qualification, English language ability, business experience, business turnover, and net personal and business assets. To acquire detailed information about the points test, you can seek advice from professionals.

Benefits of an Australian Business Visa

The Australian business visa offers compelling benefits, which include:

  • Unlimited travel to and from Australia
  • The privilege to establish, develop, or invest in a new or existing business
  • The privilege of applying for a permanent residence
  • The opportunity to acquire Australian citizenship
  • The permission to bring family members along

Processing Time of Australian Business Visa

The usual processing time for an Australian business visa ranges from a day or two. But sometimes, there is a need to include additional information while processing the visa application. So in such cases, it can take at least two weeks or longer.

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