Child Adoption Visa Subclass 102 – Requirements, Processing time & More

July 20, 2023    Immigrationlawyers
Child Adoption Visa Subclass 102 – Requirements, Processing time & More

Immigration processes and visa applications can be complex but important in keeping families united. Australia recognizes the significance of family bonds and offers various visa options to make the process easier.

One such visa is the Child Visa (Subclass 102). Let us delve into the details of the Child Visa, including its purpose, eligibility requirements, and the step-by-step application process, and understand how the Child Visa brings families closer.

What is a child visa (subclass 102)?

The Child Visa (Subclass 102) allows the children to join their Australian adoptive parents who are permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens or sponsors. It is a process that helps to reunite people and create a family, having a shared future in Australia.

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The Purpose and Importance of the Child Visa (Subclass 102)

The Child Visa aims to ensure family unity. It acknowledges the significance of strong family ties and respects children’s rights to be with their adoptive parents or sponsors in Australia. By granting this visa, Australia provides orphan children access to enhanced education, healthcare, and an improved standard of living.

Who Can Apply For A Child Visa (Subclass 102)?

The parents should fulfil the criteria to be able to apply for an adoptive child’s visa.

1. Parent’s Citizenship or Residency Status:

The child’s adoptive parent or guardian should be a resident or a citizen of Australia when applying for the adopted child’s Subclass 102 visa. Their status and behaviour will heavily impact the child’s eligibility to get the visa. Ensure that the sponsoring parent meets the necessary criteria.

2. Custody and Legal Documentation:

If there are any legal arrangements concerning the adopted child, it is essential to provide relevant documentation to support the visa application. This may include court orders or other official documents.

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Requirements for child visa subclass 102

Certain criteria must be satisfied to be eligible for a Child Visa (Subclass 102). Let’s explore the requirements that will be necessary for this visa.

1. Sponsorship:

Sponsorship is important regarding the adoptive Child Visa (Subclass 102) application process. It involves a parent or their partner, who must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, sponsoring the child’s visa application.

2. Parent-Child Relationship:

Establishing a parent-child relationship is essential for this visa category. The child must be adopted by the sponsoring parent.

3. Health and Character Requirements:

Meeting specific health and character requirements is vital for visa approval. All applicants, including the child and accompanying adoptive family members, must meet these criteria to obtain the visa.

Child visa subclass 102 processing times

Bringing your adopted child to live with you in Australia is an important and exciting decision. One of the crucial aspects of the immigration process is understanding the 102 Visa processing time. Let us explore the key factors that influence the processing time and provide you with useful information to better navigate through this process.

1. Case Complexity:

The processing time for an adopted Child Visa (Subclass 102) depends greatly on the complexity of your case. The processing time varies with your application’s accuracy and completeness. With the presence of any medical conditions, it might take a longer time. Lastly, the verification of supporting documents can impact the overall processing time. It is essential to ensure that you provide all required information and documentation to avoid any unnecessary delays.

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2. Application Queue:

The Department of Home Affairs receives a lot of visa applications daily. To maintain fairness, the Department of Home Affairs processes applications generally processed in the order they are received. However, the processing is done faster in priority cases, such as children in difficult circumstances.

3. Nationality and Country of Residence:

The country of the adopted child’s nationality and current residence can also influence processing times. Factors such as diplomatic relations with the country, security checks, and cooperation between Australia and the child’s home country may impact the processing time. Some countries may have higher processing demands due to increased immigration.

4. Time of Year:

The time of year can affect the processing time of your Child Visa application. Certain periods, such as holiday seasons or significant events, may have more applications, thus longer and more time. It is better to submit your application in advance and plan accordingly to prepare you for potential delays during these periods.

5. Request for Additional Information:

While processing your application, the Department of Home Affairs may request additional information or clarification. You must respond as fast as possible and provide the requested documents to avoid any unnecessary delays. Keeping track of your email or online platforms is essential for a smooth and efficient application process.

How long does a child visa subclass 102 last?

The Subclass 102 visa is a permanent visa that allows your child to stay in Australia indefinitely. Once your adopted child enters Australia on a Child Visa (Subclass 102), the visa is generally valid indefinitely. Unlike other visas with expiration dates, the Subclass 102 visa does not have a fixed end date.

Roles of lawyers in child visa (subclass 102)

Dealing with the child visa subclass 102 application process can prove challenging, but the involvement of seasoned lawyers significantly enhances the prospects of success. The legal expertise of lawyers can greatly benefit parents or guardians with immigration legalities. Let us understand the various roles that lawyers play in the child visa (subclass 102) application.

1. Providing Expert Legal Advice:

With the help of the lawyer’s expert legal advice, the adopted child visa (subclass 102) process becomes easier with expert legal advice. These legal professionals understand the visa application process, including essential documentation, eligibility criteria, and legal obligations.

This provides the parents or guardians valuable insights, ensuring they understand the process.

2. Assessing Cases and Devising Strategies:

Lawyers specializing in child visas have the knowledge to assess individual cases and develop strategies. They meticulously scrutinize the circumstances, collecting relevant information to plan the optimal course for a successful visa application.

With their expertise, lawyers find potential obstacles and complexities, creating strategies to solve them effectively, thus increasing the chance of a favourable outcome.

3. Document Preparation and Review:

Prepare and review required documents from another viewpoint of a child visa lawyer in Perth for the application process. Lawyers help the parents or guardians to ensure the completion, accuracy, and timely submission of all necessary paperwork.

Moreover, they assist in gathering important documents such as birth certificates, passports, and medical reports, following the Department of Home Affairs’ stipulations.

4. Representation and Effective Communication:

Lawyers are responsible for representing parents or guardians during interactions with immigration authorities. By attending interviews, responding to requests for information, and addressing any queries from the Department of Home Affairs, these lawyers try to get the best results for their clients.

Through their great communication skills, lawyers effectively advocate for their clients.

5. Appeals and Reviews:

In cases where an adopted child visa application faces rejection or refusal, lawyers offer guidance on where to appeal or review further. They form robust appeals while maintaining all legal requirements and presenting evidence supporting the case.


The adopted Child Visa (Subclass 102) is important in preserving family unity by allowing children to meet their parents or sponsors in Australia. By familiarizing yourself with the visa’s purpose, and eligibility requirements, knowing about the processing times, how long it lasts, and the roles of the child visa lawyer, you can immigrate more effectively.

Remember, the Child Visa is designed to create a brighter future for children, allowing them to flourish alongside their loved ones in the beautiful country of Australia.

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