Business Owner Visa Subclass 890 Requirements and Application Process

December 19, 2023    Immigrationlawyers
Business Owner Visa Subclass 890 Requirements and Application Process

Anybody can apply for a business owner visa subclass 890 if they wish to live and work in Australia. The Australian government issues this 890 company owner visa in accordance with specified regulations. The holders of this visa are granted permanent residency in Australia and are permitted to remain there indefinitely.

This post will go over the advantages and prerequisites for applying for an Australian subclass 890 company owner visa.

What Is Business Owner Visa Subclass 890?

Individuals who want to do business in Australia can apply for this visa. It is a special type of visa that can grant citizenship and other benefits in Australia. Other than doing business in Australia they can stay permanently there.

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Benefits Of Business Owner Visa Subclass 890

There are various types of benefits an individual can get from a business owner visa subclass 890. We will discuss the benefits of the visa in detail.

1. Live And Work Freely In Australia

Any person can live freely in any Australian province; this visa can also grant the liberty to do any sort of business or work. This visa also provides the accessibility to pursue studies in Australia.

2. Indefinite Residency

The 5-year tenure of a visa can be renewed for indefinite times, and therefore, they can utilize this advantage for a long period. This visa ensures to get a permanent residency for an indefinite time period in Australia.

3. Medicare Benefits

Individuals can get comprehensive healthcare benefits through the medicare schemes of Australia from this visa. This visa also provides different medical insurance plans for them. Individuals can use them to treat and bear medical and other expenses.

4. Family Support

It provides eligibility for the sponsorship of any of your family members who meet the minimum requirements for the visa. The business visa also allows you to sponsor any trips or tours for your relatives or other family members who are not residents of Australia.

5. Homeownership Assistance

Business subclass 890 offers eligibility for getting grants for being the first homeowner in Australia. They can buy or build a house in any province of Australia, through this amount.

6. Funding For Higher Education

This visa can access financial aid for students through Higher Educational Loan Programs (HELP) for higher education at any University in Australia.

7. Clear Path For Australian Citizenship

If any person stays in Australia for 4 years with this visa, then after renewing the visa, they can become a permanent resident of Australia. It also grants the citizenship of the children of that person automatically after their citizenship is granted.

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Requirements for a Business Owner Visa Subclass 890

To get a proper Business Visa Subclass 890 from the Australian Immigration Department, the person should meet certain criteria that are necessary for visa application. Those requirements or eligibility criteria will be discussed here in detail –

  1. The person is required to hold an eligible visa before the process.
  2. They should live in Australia for at least 12 months in 2 years before the application process for the visa.
  3. He or she must hold any establishment or startup in Australia for at least 2 years immediately before the application procedures for business subclass 890 visa.
  4. Must provide proper detailed documentation of the need and necessities to become a resident of Australia for handling the main business.
  5. They must maintain an ownership interest in their respective nominated businesses.
  6. They should have a consistent commitment to have direct involvement in business activities including daily management and decision processing tasks.
  7. The person should not have any track record or history of involvement in any sort of business that is not eligible or acceptable in Australian legal systems.
  8. They should meet the requirements of health and character criteria for the visa application.
  9. Should not have any outstanding debts owed to the Australian government, which can delay the processing time of Business Owner Visa Subclass 890.
  10. The person should not have any previously cancelled visa application or visa by the Australian government.

How to Apply for Business Owner Visa Subclass 890?

The basic application processes for this visa will be discussed in detail below –

  • Before starting the application process, the person must contact the business visa lawyer in Perth who will guide them through the application process.
  • It is important for them to gather the documents that are required for the visa application, which include business official and legal documents, documents of spouse, educational proofs, and other types of credentials that are required for the process. These documents are required to be gathered in chronological order before submitting for the process.
  • Then after submitting all the documents, the individuals will be called for visa clearance in the Immigration office. It is crucial for them to provide accurate information to the clearance office based on the submitted documents.
  • After the interview and clearance process, the individuals must keep themselves updated by visiting the official website of the Australian Immigration Department.
  • At the last and final stage, the person needs to wait patiently for the outcome.


Applying for a visa application requires important documents that are required to be checked for application procedures for visa clearance. For any better solution for visa application, you can feel free to consult with the expert Immigration Lawyers in Perth for the processes.

People in Australia can consult with experienced lawyers who can guide them through visa application processes. They will provide proper assistance regarding paying for the visa application and gathering all the important documents for the process.

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