Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa (subclass 888)

May 3, 2023    Immigrationlawyers
Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa (subclass 888)

An investment visa in Australia allows you to unlock several business privileges. It can be one of the most useful permits for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in the country. Subclass 888 visa is one of them. It allows you to associate boundlessly with investment activities.

Australia is a developed country with incredible infrastructure. It is rapidly chasing the evaluation that is benefiting the marketers in the country. The successful businesses that originated from the country inspired others to come and set up their business in the country.

The investor visa makes it all possible for you. The blog has described the conditions you need to consider before applying for this visa. Here you will find the information about whom to contact for guidance.

What Are the Privileges of Having a Business Innovation Visa?

The investor visa can provide you with uncountable benefits. If you are in need of a permit that will not restrict you in your business activities, here is it.

  • You can stay in Australia permanently by Applying for the Australian PR process.
  • You can apply for citizenship if it applies.
  • It allows you to run your business successfully.
  • You can conduct investment activities without any restrictions.
  • You can open a new business.
  • You are allowed to take the business facilities offered by the Australian government.
  • You can legalise your and your family’s residence.
  • You are also allowed to visit from Australia to another country.

The business innovation and investment visa subclass 888 allows you to promote your business in the country. You can associate with the investments and make a profit for your existing business. It also allows flexible opportunities for entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a visa that can provide you with notable benefits, lodge your application for the subclass 888 visa.

What Are the Requirements for Investment Visa Subclass 888?

In order to claim all the benefits, you primarily need to be eligible for all the conditions. Before you judge your eligibility, you can understand the 888 visa requirements. It would help you to determine the documents you need to pass the eligibility criteria.

The visa permanently legalises your stay in Australia. Hence, there are stringent requirements. The requirements for a subclass 888 visa are the followings-

  • You must be a holder of a Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visa (Subclass 188).
  • You must be under an Investor Stream for a minimum of 2 years.
  • You must have all the documents prepared that prove your application.
  • You must have evidence that proves you are eligible.
  • You need to meet the character conditions as well as the health conditions.
  • Prove that you have met the nomination conditions.

These requirements are the most viable ones that need to be met to accomplish your application. In case any of you fail to meet any of the requirements, the Investor Visa lawyers Perth will support you. They will give you the legal solution to acclaim your visa without any interference.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for the Concerned Visa?

The subclass visa has critical requirements and conditions. If you fluctuate in meeting any of the conditions, your application can get hugely hampered. Once you ensure that you can fulfil the 888 visa requirements, determine whether you will be eligible or not.

As you get complete access through the visa, there is a tight eligibility stream. The eligibility stream is also divided into two streams. The eligibility criteria for subclass 888 are mentioned below.

For Business Innovation Stream –

  • You have been running a successful business for two years.
  • You are committed to actively continuing your business activities.
  • Continuous ownership interest from your active business minimum of two years preceding the application.
  • Your business must have a vital managerial role that manages the day-to-day performance of your business.
  • Twelve months before the application, your annual turnover needs to be around $300,000.

For Investor Stream –

  • You must uphold a designated investment of at least a$1.5 million for four years.
  • You have to provide evidence of your business investment activities in Australia.
  • You must have lived in Australia for two years under subclass 188 out of the four years immediately prior to lodging your subclass 888 visa application.

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There are some standard criteria that apply to both. One is that you need to be the holder of the provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa while applying for the subclass visa. You must be a nominee of a state or territory government in Australia.

Your visa application may get refused regardless of performing a successful business if any of the criteria are not met. Hence, the solicitors from Investor Visa Lawyers Perth can manage your complicated conditions and save your application from getting rejected.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

There are a few additional things that would be better for you to know. The information is mentioned below.

Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa (subclass 888) Processing Time –

Processing time for any visa highly depends on the accuracy of your lodging the application. The usual processing time to grant the business innovation and investment visa subclass 888 is nearly nine months. In case of any visa cancellation or refusal of the application, you may encounter a delay. In this condition, a lawyer can help you review the application and correct any error that was previously made way sooner.

How to Apply for Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa (subclass 888)?

Anyone who meets the subclass 888 visa requirements and is capable of satisfying the eligibility criteria can easily understand How to Apply for Investor Visa. Here the step-by-step method for the visa application is given.

  • Step 1: Checking the requirements.
  • Step 2: Gather the documents and evidence.
  • Step 3: Fill up the form and submit the application.
  • Step 4: Prepare for the verification.
  • Step 5: Prepare for the interview if applicable.
  • Step 6: Grant the visa.

Though the process seems very easy, complications can arise while collecting the evidence. You can easily make the process smoother by taking guidance from an expert. When speaking to an expert, none can work better than a lawyer. They can be trusted to get you your business rights in Australia. You can easily overcome the steps under legal support.


In conclusion, Australia’s stable economy attracts marketers from every corner of the world. The Australian government also supports entrepreneurs by giving them full privileges of visas. But to claim a permanent living, interruption-free investments and business, you must undergo a tough verification process. Then you need to carry evidence.

The process can be very complicated for you. It can consume most of your time. If you are in an urgent requirement for the subclass 888 visa, you can consult the solicitors from Visa Lawyers Perth. The lawyers are experienced in solving such cases. They would help you avoid delays in application and refusal by guiding you correctly.

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