11 Reasons Behind Australian Visa Rejection or Refusal

July 14, 2022    Immigrationlawyers
11 Reasons Behind Australian Visa Rejection or Refusal

The Australian visa application process can be complex and lengthy work. This is true, especially if you know nothing about the Australian immigration system. No one wants to get their visa rejected after spending hours preparing it.

In this blog, you will know some of the most important Australian visa rejection reasons. There are multiple reasons behind why your visa may get rejected, whether you apply to immigrate, travel, study, or Temporary work Visa.

Australian Visa Rejection Reasons:-

Some of the top reasons why your Australian visa may get rejected or denied are as follows:

1. Failure to meet academic qualification

When you apply for an Australian student visa, you must meet the academic qualifications. If you want to qualify for a student visa, you need to qualify yourself as a student. In simple words, it indicates that you must complete the required academic level to pursue further studies.

The academic entry requirements can differ based on the course you have chosen and your level of education. The requirements may also depend on the university where you want to study.

2. Insufficient information

This is one of the most common reasons why your visa may get denied. Sometimes, applicants unknowingly provide insufficient information in their visa application, and this can lead to a direct refusal of the visa.

For instance, if you want to lodge a student visa extension, you will be enquired if you have previously studied in Australia; the answer needs to be ‘yes’. You also provide evidence such as completion certificates, transcripts, and much more. Even the smallest of mistakes can cause your Australian visa to be denied; this is why you need to be careful.

3. Unable to meet the English requirements

If you are willing to study in an English-speaking country, you need to be able to speak English. This indicates that you must meet the English language requirements to get your visa approved. This is a condition that an international student must fulfill to apply for a visa from a non-English speaking country.

As you know, not all language proficiencies are made equal; the English skill requirement will differ from one university to another. The skills required for your visa can also vary based on the course. You need to make sure to check the English requirements on the website of Home Affairs and your university website.

4. You did not provide enough evidence of sufficient funds available that can support your visit.

Whether you are studying, working, immigrating, visitor visa or traveling, you need to provide sufficient proof that you can support yourself when you stay in the country. You also need to provide evidence that you can support the dependents who are coming with you to Australia.

Whether the dependents will accompany you to Australia or not, you need to show that you have sufficient funds with you. You must provide documents to ensure that you are financially stable and have the ability to pay through your exchange.

You might also need to provide documentary proof to the concerned authorities to show that you have a certain amount of money. If you do not have sufficient money in your bank accounts, your visa might be rejected.

5. You did not provide sufficient information to show that you are in good health.

Being a visa applicant, it is important that you go through some health checks to ensure that you are alive and physically well. This can depend on some factors like the level of TB risk in your home country.

You will be required to go through different immigration medical exams performed by a government-approved medical institution. This is a basic necessity if you are applying for a different Types of Australian Visa

Medical inadmissibility can include the following:

  • A danger to public health- This includes being affected by an infectious disease like syphilis or tuberculosis or being in contact with an individual suffering from this disease.
  • Excess demand on social and health services- This depends on whether the cost of your medical treatment visa can put pressure on the public healthcare system and affect wait times.
  • A danger to the safety of people- This can include losing physical and mental abilities, being unpredictable, or performing violent behavior.

As an applicant, you need to have OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover. This can help provide you with medical and hospital insurance in Australia during your stay.

6. You must convince the Australian government that you do not pose any security risk.

You may need to supply a criminal report that can showcase that you were not involved in any of the following:

  • Subversion
  • Espionage
  • Violence/terror
  • Being a member of an organization or group that violates human and international rights
  • Involved in organized crime such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, and money laundering
  • Performed any criminal act
  • Having your visa rejected in the past due to ingenuine entrance attempts.

In some cases, you may even need to fulfill character requirements, and you may need to show a police certificate for every country where you lived for 12 months.

7. Having an invalid or damaged passport

One of the most common Australian visa rejection reasons is presenting a damaged passport to the authorities. This can happen when a passport page is missing, or passport pages are getting detached.

Your visa may also get rejected if the cover of your passport is found to be damaged. Another way of getting your visa application rejected is to present a passport that the Australian Consulate or Embassy cannot accept.

Such types of cases are classified as the following:

  • To present a passport that does not have a valid period of less than three remaining months after returning from the visit.
  • When you present a passport, it does not have two different blank visa pages.
  • Showing a travel booklet instead of legal passports
  • Presenting a passport that is older than ten years.

8. Documents that are missing

The application for any Australian visa needs a substantial number of supporting documents. Often the applicants provide insufficient information in their visa application, which is why their visa gets rejected.

Appropriate Documents required for a business visa. For instance, if you apply for a temporary skill shortage visa, you must provide qualification certificates, educational certificates, and references from previous work. Your visa may be rejected if you are unable to attach the necessary documents.

9. Fraud documents/information

A fraudulent document is when a document is fake or suspected, tampered with by an individual with no authority, and was not given to the individual. Being a visa applicant, you must provide real documents for your visa application.

If you showcase false or misleading information in your visa application on your previous visa that you held for a year can lead to the rejection of your visa. You can contact Immigration Lawyer in Perth to know more about this.

10. Lack of professional help

As Australian immigration law is hard to understand and ever-changing, you must not submit an application without any professional help. As per the recommendation of the Australian government, you are advised to use MARA registered agents for different visa purposes.

MARA accreditations ensure that the agents helping you have complete knowledge of the law and can safeguard your interest. It is a good way to protect yourself from deceit or any type of fraud.

11. Unable to fulfill character requirements

The Department of Home Affairs might cancel or refuse your visa if you are unable to pass the character test. The decision is made by the Minister for Home Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, Minister for immigration citizenship or their delegates.

If you had your visa refused or canceled by a delegate, you need to apply to the AAT or Administrative Appeals Tribunal and overturn the decision. But the AAT cannot review the decisions made personally by the ministers but can review those made by the delegates.

It can negatively affect your visa application if you have been criminally convicted in your home country or any other country. The thing that you must know is that you need to disclose any criminal record that you have in your visa application.

You may not be able to pass character requirements due to the given circumstances or conditions:

  • You have a considerable criminal record in your country.
  • One has been convicted of trying to escape from immigration detention or convicted for an offence during your time there.
  • Had been a member of a criminal group or organization or was associated with a criminal.
  • You were suspected of being involved in an organized crime.

A clean criminal record will prove that you are not a threat to society or have any security concerns. If you want to pass the character test, you need to declare any criminal activity you have been a part of.

You must provide all the requested information, and even if you do not meet the character requirements, you might be granted a visa by the concerned authorities.

What Can You Do if Your Visa is Rejected?

A number of options are available for applicants if the visa gets rejected. The best potential step to this would be to lodge an appeal, and the AAT will review the appeal in the given timeframe.

They have the authority to overturn any decision and return it back to the department for reconsideration. You must be eligible to apply for another visa based on the circumstances of your case.

You can look into the following questions if the Department of Home Affairs rejects your visa:

  • Why was the decision to reject or cancel your visa made by the Department of Home Affairs?
  • What were the reasons or grounds behind the refusal of the visa?
  • If your visa was rejected and you were offshore, will you have time to apply for another visa if you are eligible?

You must remember that your visa rejection does not necessarily mean that it is the end of your dreams. Depending on the circumstances of the visa rejection, other migration options might be available for you.

You can consult immigration lawyers or migration agents from reputed firms to help you with your Australian visa. You can book a consultation with them to look into your current situation.

Why Do You Need a Visa for International Travel?

Every government has its own visa policy that can serve the purpose specified to the needs of a country.

The function of a travel visa can allow the Australian authorities to do the following:

  • Tackle illegal immigration
  • Manage concerns that are related to the country’s security
  • Reciprocate visa restrictions imposed on their nationals.

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There are various Australian visa rejection reasons, and you must ensure you fill your visa applications properly to avoid rejection. You can take the assistance of Immigration Lawyers Perth; they are one of the most reputed firms that can deliver you the best immigration lawyers for assistance.

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