Australian Parent Visa Subclass 173 Requirements & Eligibility Criteria

April 22, 2024    Immigrationlawyers
Australian Parent Visa Subclass 173 Requirements & Eligibility Criteria

The Australian Subclass 173 Parent Visa allows parents to reunite with their children who are permanent residents or citizens of Australia. This temporary visa permits parents to stay with their children in Australia for up to two years.

The Subclass 173 Parent Visa requirements for this visa can be complicated, but understanding the eligibility criteria for Parent Visa subclass 103 and the application process is critical to a successful application.

In this website blog, we’ll look at the requirements for the Subclass 173 Parent Visa, which can help people looking to reunite with loved ones in Australia.

Benefits of Australian Subclass 173 Visa –

The Subclass 173 Visa offers parents of children staying in Australia various advantages. Let us look at some of the benefits of the discussed visa below:

  • To reside in Australia for 2 years.
  • A chance to apply for subclass 143 for permanent residency in Australia.
  • One can simultaneously study and work in the country.
  • Individuals can travel to and from country to country within the stipulated time of 2 years without any problems.
  • Your family members can apply for the visa together with you.
  • Allow access to Medicare- Australia’s global health insurance scheme.

General Eligibility Criteria for Subclass Parent Visa 173

The qualifications for applying for the Contributory Visa 173 are identical to those for other parent visas; however, the candidate for the Parent Visa 173 must be aware of some additional requirements. An important aspect of this visa application is that the candidate can apply with or without being a retiree. The basic conditions for the Australian 173 Visa Eligibility are as follows:

1. Sponsor

The candidate must be sponsored by an eligible sponsor, typically their child or spouse. If the child is under 18, an authorised community organisation or a relative may sponsor the applicant.

2. Signing The Value Statement

Following acceptance, the candidate must sign the Australian values statement.

3. Balance of Family Test

The applicant must meet the conditions for the balance of family test. This requirement requires that at least half of the qualified children reside in Australia or that more eligible children exist in Australia than in other countries.

4. Health And Character Requirements

The applicant or selected family members must comply with the Ministry of Australia’s health and character requirements.

5. Payback Outstanding Amount

The candidate or his or her family members should clear any money owed to the Australian government. This includes non-applicant family members.

6. Earlier Visa

If the applicant has previously applied for a visa, it must not have been rejected or revoked by the appropriate authorities.

7. The Best Interests of a Child

If the primary applicant has a child under 18, the immigration authority will consider them a minor and reserves the right to refuse the visa if there are reasons not in the child’s best interests.

8. Health insurance

The applicant must have appropriate health insurance, which includes transportation.

What Are Visa Subclass 173 Requirements?

The Australian Subclass 173 visa also known as Contributory Parent Visa is specially designed for parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens to live in the country temporarily. You can seek an Immigration Lawyer Perth for a smooth process. The key requirements for Visa Subclass 173 are as follows:

  • Proof of nomination must be presented.
  • The balance-of-family exam has to be passed.
  • Proof of age must be submitted.
  • Confirmation of meeting the health and character requirements must be provided.
  • Evidence of the absence of previous dues to the Australian government must be provided.
  • Evidence of no previous visa rejections or cancellations must be presented.
  • Orders must include promises of assistance.
  • Documents proving the possession of proper insurance must be presented.

Visa Processing Steps of Subclass 173

  • The visa processing steps of Australian Subclass 173 include:
  • First, confirm if you have met the visa Subclass 173 requirements as requested.
  • Then prepare the necessary paperwork and apply for the visa.
  • If any further documents are requested for particular reasons, you must provide them.
  • Finally, you will receive your Subclass 173 visa.

Wrapping Up

The Australian Subclass 173 Parent Visa allows parents to reunite with their children and reside in Australia temporarily. By understanding the eligibility criteria for visa subclass 804, sponsorship requirements, and application process, applicants can confidently pass the visa application process.

Seeking the assistance of a Parent Visa Lawyer Perth or an experienced migration agency can also help ensure a smooth application procedure and boost your chances of a positive outcome.

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