All You Need To Know About Medical Treatment Visa Of Australia

July 10, 2020    Immigrationlawyers
All You Need To Know About Medical Treatment Visa Of Australia

Are you planning to come to Australia for a medical treatment? If yes, then you will have to apply for the visa subclass 602. This is basically a medical treatment visa of Australia. After hearing this, you may wonder that how to apply for it. Well, the write-up provided below will help you in this regard to a great extent. And, after reading this post, you will attain a comprehensive knowledge about this visa as well.

What Can You Do With This Visa?

When you obtain the 602 visa from the Department of Home Affairs, you will get entitled to certain privileges. Firstly, with this visa, you can study in Australia for up to 3 months. In case, you have met the exemption requirements, you can study for a longer period as well. Also, with this visa, you can stay in Australia as long as your medical treatment visa is valid. Apart from single entries, you will also be granted multiple entries with this visa according to your current circumstances.

Submission Of Essential Documents

If you are oblivious about some of the essential documents of the visa 602, then contact a visa lawyer in Perth immediately. Your visa lawyer will tell you that exactly what are the documents that you need to submit. Some of these documents can be considered below.

  • All your character documents
  • Documents which prove your current financial condition
  • Proper documents which substantiate your original identity
  • Documents, providing a comprehensive piece of information about your medical treatment

So, after you have provided all these documents, it’s time for you to apply for your medical treatment visa 602.

Now Apply

Well, before you apply for the said visa, you must get proper professional assistance. And, this is only possible once you get in touch with a skilled immigration visa lawyer near you. Nonetheless, it’s good to know some of the basic things related to the application of the visa subclass 602. Some of the fundamental steps involved in it are:

  • Make sure that you are the holder of a passport of an eligible country
  • Now apply for your visa
  • Next, you will have to wait for a confirmation notification from the Department of Home Affairs
  • You won’t get any updates amidst the processing of your visa. Instead, the Australian Immigration Department will directly inform you about the final verdict regarding your visa application.
  • In case, your visa application has been approved, you will now have to provide your biometrics. These include your photographs as well as fingerprints.
  • Subsequently, you will have to undergo the relevant health exam. This exam is usually conducted by the Medical Officer Commonwealth (MOC). This will prove the absence of certain diseases in your body which is harmful to the Australian Community.

Remember, that you can apply for this visa, both while being inside and outside Australia. Also, you won’t get back the application charge, in case your visa gets refused.

Bring Your Family Members With You

Did you know that you can even bring your family members whilst being on the visa subclass 602? However, if their names aren’t already mentioned in your passport, then, each of them needs to apply separately.

Can This Visa Be Extended?

The answer is a straightforward ‘NO’. Even if you wish to lengthen your stay by extending this visa, you cannot do that. However, if you want, there are many visa options for you to explore. Whether it’s the study, work, partner or any other visa, you can certainly opt for a switchover. This is quite an effective alternative if you want to continue staying in Australia for some time more.

Possession Of A Health Insurance

Since, you are applying for the medical treatment 602, make sure that you are holding a valid health insurance cover. This will somewhat curb the overall cost of your medical treatment. Nonetheless, you will have to afford all the expenses of your treatment by your own.

How Long Is The Processing Time?

When it comes to the conventional processing time of the visa subclass 602, you can refer to the following information.

  • 75% of applications gets processed in 24 days and
  • 90% of applications gets processed in 46 days

However, the processing time of your medical treatment visa may vary to a great extent due to certain reasons. Some of these reasons include the submission of incorrect or inadequate documents, belated submission of your visa application and so on.

What Is The Cost Of The Visa Subclass 602?

If you are applying from Australia, then, you will have to pay AUD315 as your visa application fee. On the contrary, you will not have to pay a single penny if you are applying from outside Australia.

A Look At The Travel Permissions

Are you thinking that which is the immigration lawyer to help you out? However, before this, you should learn about another crucial aspect of the visa subclass 602. This includes the travel restrictions imposed on the applicant for certain reasons. For instance, if you are granted multiple entries with this visa, then, you can travel to and from Australia multiple times. And, you can do this till the time your visa remains valid.

Single Entry

Conversely, you will be granted a single entry, if you become subject to the following circumstances. In case, you weren’t physically present in Australia during the approval of your visa subclass 602. If this happens then you will have to abandon the nation and you cannot return there.

Multiple Entries

However, if your medical treatment visa was approved during your presence in Australia, then it’s a bit better. For, you will get the permission leave and return to the country for once. And, you will get to know about this only after getting the visa grant letter from the Department of Home Affairs.

The Verdict!

So, get in touch with a highly skilled team of immigration lawyers in Perth today. The best immigration lawyer is always there to assist you regarding the application of your medical visa 602. Most of all, your lawyer will get you his or her unmatched services against an affordable fee option.

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