7 Steps To Get Skilled Visa For Australia

February 9, 2021    Immigrationlawyers
7 Steps To Get Skilled Visa For Australia

Skilled visas are the ones that helps you obtain permanent residency in Australia under the pretext of your skill that gets you employment in the country. There are various subsections of skilled visas that come under several clauses. Although skilled visas are easy to obtain if you fulfil all the eligibility criteria according to demands, the process of selection and assessment of your eligibility often takes too much time.

That is why, it is advisable for you to seek legal help from the best immigration solicitors to figure out the requirements and how to obtain the visa at the quickest rate. Hiring a lawyer is always a very smart investment as you will remain under the shadow of a professional who knows the way out and solutions to offer you.

Immigration nowadays have become a very complex subject which involves people undergoing through many test runs before they are deemed fit to become a resident of another country. Lawyers assist you to understand what you have to do in such a situation thus saving time and complexities for you.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Skilled Visas?

Well, skilled visas are mainly based on the test of your skills, achievements, sponsorship and other factors that add up to ensure your citizenship in Australia. With the correct guidance of skilled Visa lawyers, you can formulate your eligibility for visa, focussing on your skills, strengths and make you fit for the work you are looking for.

All of this adds up to the Visa requirement. Now, coming to visa, there are three kinds of Skilled Visas available depending on the time period of your stay. They are as follows –

1. Independent Skilled Visa Under Subclass 189

People who wish to pursue work under a specific skill set can apply for this Visa. People applying for it do not need to have a sponsorship received from the employer, fellow relative or any territorial cum state government.

skilled visa under subclass 189 visa come through point tested system of skills where you mention your skill sets and go about seeking citizenship for an indefinite period of time. You can live as well as work for as long as you wish.

To apply for this this permanent skilled visa, one must fulfil the requirements. As per eligibility requirements, the candidate has to be above 45 years of age, pass the exam that tests your skill for the designated job, have secured 60 points at least in the Skilled Migration Points Test, have been called for to apply for a skilled visa in Australia and the individual has to be proficient and communicative in English. If all these requirements are met, the individual can secure their permanent visa.

2. Skilled Nominated Visa Under Subclass 190

This visa is granted to an individual who has secured permanent citizenship under the nomination of a state or territory government and is able to work here. To achieve this skilled nominated visa subclass 190 visa, the applicant has to submit a form named Expression of Interest (EOI) EOI requires details of the applicant’s complete details about their educational qualifications, skills they possess and the job they have been nominated for.

After finishing the EOI, the form is assessed and the applicant receives points. If enough points are achieved, the individual can will be nominated as a permanent resident of Australia.

To become eligible for the post, the individual must possess required the necessary educational qualifications besides the appropriate skills evaluation. The individual must have an occupation which is related closely to the one they are going to apply. Rest of the requirements regarding age and others remain same.

3. Skilled Regional Visa Under Subclass 489

This visa is specifically applicable for a period of four years to the eligible candidates to stay at a particular place as specified by the Government. One can live and make use of their professional skills after their approval. To become eligible, the applicants have to prove their efficient skills and then their Visa gets issued by the Victorian Government. While staying there for years, one may apply for a permanent citizenship too.

Those who are nominated either by the state or national territory or by their relatives are also allowed to apply for the skilled regional visa under subclass 489. These skilled individuals would have to submit their Expression Of Interest (EOI) to get an invitation and go on to apply for external stay under skilled regional and renewal visa under the subclass 489.

The applicants have to secure minimum 60 points, get an invitation from the government and prove that they are eligible for their occupational role with possessing the required skill set.

Criteria For This Visa

  • The applicant has to be mentally sound
  • Highly skilled and fulfil the requirements
  • No debt to the Government of Australia
  • No previous history of Visa rejection due to any reason

What These Visas Offer During Their Period of Stay

The visas allow you to live, work and explore Australia as long as your visa permits. The travel facilities as specified or will be guided by your visa lawyers Perth according to which you can travel back and forth. Sponsorship by your relatives or your ability to further sponsor someone is also available under these categories.

How Can The Best Immigration Solicitor Help You?

The best immigration solicitor helps you pull out of the mess. Whether you have any criminal records from the past, medical issues that need to resolved, history of visa rejections, history of deportation and many such causes. There are tense situations among the applicants when they are anxious about making the wrong move. At times like these, lawyers help you arrange for documents and look through the process systematically.

These lawyers offer you the best service at an affordable rate which means that you will get the quickest service within your budget too. Individual attention with care and empathy, zero delay and concrete solutions are one of the key factors of the expert services. You can have complete faith on the lawyers when it comes to a clean application of Visa.

Don’t be in a dilemma. Invest in the correct places and make the most out of it. Get a quote and settle for the best and smartest lawyer’s advice that you can only receive in Perth.

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